Best Pet Insurance Providers in 2021

Best Pet Insurance Providers in 2021

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Owning a pet is no easy job, and while the sleepy snuggles and countless kisses sure make it worth it, there are going to be times throughout your pet’s life where you may need additional assistance and coverage. Whether you have a dog that is notorious for getting in the garbage, or a cat that loves to put their nine lives to the test, there are going to be a number of occasions where you find yourself sitting in a vet’s office wondering just how much all of the prescribed treatments are going to cost. So before you start draining your savings or picking up a second job, it may be worth looking into pet insurance to help cover you when that time comes.


The average pet owner will likely spend somewhere between $300 and $500 per year on vet visits, but that is only for minor problems or routine care. Medical emergencies which can strike at any time range from $250 to $8,000 or more, depending on what type of care is needed as well as diagnostics, surgeries, and hospitalization.


For some, unexpected bills totalling thousands of dollars may not be much of a concern, but for the vast majority of people that kind of surprise can be overwhelmingly stressful as you struggle to figure out how you’re going to be able to afford such hefty costs. In order to prevent sleepless nights and heartbreaking decisions, pet insurance providers can help you to offset veterinary expenses and provide reimbursement for eligible costs quickly and easily.


To help narrow down some of the top pet insurance providers, we’ve broken them down into categories that make it easy to find the option that suits your needs and preferences. Whether you’re a cat owner, dog owner, just got adopted a puppy, or are caring for a senior feline, there are insurance providers that are available to help you give your pet the best care possible.

8 Best Pet Insurance Providers

  1. Lemonade — Best Overall
  2. Spot — Best for Preventative Care
  3. PAWP — Best for Emergencies
  4. Prudent Pet — Best for Customizable Coverage
  5. ASPCA — Best for Senior Pets
  6. Pumpkin — Best for Simplicity
  7. Felix — Best for Cats
  8. TrustedPals — Best for Budgets

What Does Pet Insurance Cover?

Although coverage may differ slightly from provider to provider, there are some key things that you can expect your pet insurance to cover. For starters, most providers break their policies up into two main categories: Accidents & Illnesses or Accident-Only. For Accident-Only plans, these tend to be less expensive overall, and are sometimes the only option available if you have a pet over a certain age threshold. Restrictions around age can play a big role in finding the right insurance policy for you and your pet, so if you do have an older dog or cat you will want to keep that in mind when selecting a provider.


With an accident-only plan, you will be eligible for reimbursement whenever your pet requires a vet visit due to an accident. This could include being hit by a car, ingesting something toxic, or falling and breaking a bone. Excluded from accident-only policies are anything that falls under illness, such as cancer, hip dysplasia, diabetes, and other health conditions.


For more well-rounded and comprehensive coverage, an accident and illness policy will protect you and your pet for any eligible accidents as well as covered illnesses. Although some restrictions will still apply, this is the better option for anyone who wants to make sure the majority of their vet bills are taken care of.


In addition to the two main policy options, some providers also offer add-on wellness plans that assist financially for routine care. This may include things such as dental cleanings, vaccinations, and annual check-ups, and is used as a preventative measure to keep your pet healthy and up-to-date.


How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost?

Pricing for pet insurance depends on a number of different factors such as the provider you select, what type of pet you have, the size/breed/age of your pet, and what type of coverage you are interested in obtaining. Costs may also fluctuate depending on where you reside and can be impacted by how many pets you have or what discounts you qualify for.


On average, pet insurance for dogs will range somewhere between $25 to $70 a month, while cat owners can expect to pay between $10 to $40 monthly. However, if you want to know the exact cost for you, each pet insurance provider offers free quotes to potential customers which you can access simply by visiting their website.


Better than guessing and wondering, a free quote will give you all of the information you need and allow you to customize a plan that is tailored to your needs.


How To Pick The Right Provider

The best way to pick the right pet insurance provider for you is to start by narrowing down exactly what it is you’re looking for. Are you on the hunt for the most budget-friendly option? Are you a cat owner who wants more specific coverage for felines? Do you own a senior pet that is starting to slow down? Identifying your needs will then allow you to fine-tune your search and prevent you from wasting time applying for a policy only to find out that you won’t get the coverage, or price, you were expecting.


Some of the key questions you should ask yourself are:


  1. What is my monthly budget and how much am I looking to spend?
  2. Are there certain illnesses or accidents I am most concerned about?
  3. Do I have enough savings to cover bills upfront and be reimbursed at a later date or do I require a policy that pays the vet directly?
  4. Is there anything about my pet that may impact my ability to get insurance? Age, breed, pre-existing conditions, etc.
  5. How much coverage do I actually need? What amount of money am I willing and able to spend on my own?
  6. Can I bundle my pet insurance in with any of my other insurances? Life? Home? Auto?


Best Overall: Lemonade

In a sea of pet insurance providers it can be difficult to stand out, but Lemonade has managed to make a name for themselves by offering some of the best coverage at the most affordable prices. Topping the list as the Best Overall provider, Lemonade’s award-winning service has been helping pets and their owners take care of unexpected vet bills for years and they have perfected their service so that it is streamlined, jargon-free, and above all fast.


Fully licensed and regulated, Lemonade isn’t underwritten by any other company, meaning you will only deal with them directly from sign-up to pay-out. This also means that Lemonade handles all of the financial aspects themselves, allowing them to put more aside to cover claims. Leading to one of the quickest claims processes available, Lemonade is known for their virtually instant payments sent directly to the vet so you are never left paying out of pocket and waiting weeks for reimbursement. They also use any extra money they have accumulated annually to donate to a charitable cause such as animal welfare organizations.


Covering accidents, illnesses, and with additional wellness packages available, Lemonade helps you save big on expensive vet bills as well as routine care. Plans start at only $10/month for basic coverage and it is quick and easy to sign-up directly through their website or app. You can also learn more about Lemonade by heading on over at our full Lemonade Review.


PROSCONSCustomizable Plans for Accident, Illness, & Wellness CoverageNot Available in All 50 StatesPolicies that are Simple to UnderstandFast Claims Process & Quick PaymentsAbility to Live Chat Medical ExpertsDonates to Charity Every Year

Best For Preventative Care: Spot

Nearly all pet insurance providers cover emergency care which includes illnesses and accidents, but preventative care is not as readily available, and when it is, can be very expensive. However, taking your pet in for routine check-ups and wellness exams can be extremely beneficial as it helps to catch illnesses early and makes sure your pet can enjoy benefits such as regular dental cleanings, up-to-date vaccinations, and flea prevention medication. For pet owners who are on the hunt for a provider that allows them to reap all of these benefits for an affordable price, Spot Pet Insurance may be your best choice.


Not only does Spot have comprehensive base policy plans, their wellness packages are available in two tiers and start at only $9.95 per month for an additional $250 in annual benefits. Helping to keep your pet from getting sick and allowing you to stay on top of their routine care, Spot’s add-ons give you significant value at a very affordable rate.


The only insurance provider backed by Cesar Milan, Spot also includes coverage for alternative therapies, holistic care, and will assist if your dog has any behavioural issues. For a more in-depth look at everything Spot covers, as well as info on signing up, you can check out the full Spot Pet Insurance Review to learn more.


PROSCONSOnly Pet Insurance Provider Recommended by Cesar MilanOnly Available for Cats & Dogs – No Coverage for Exotic PetsCustomizable Coverage with Varying Deductibles & Annual LimitsAffordable Wellness Packages are Easy to Add OnSimplified Claim Process via AppAbility to Visit Any Licensed Vet

Best For Emergencies – PAWP

Traditional pet insurance providers work by customizing your monthly premiums based on what type of coverage you are looking to get, as well as taking into account a number of other factors. Leading to pricey monthly premiums, far too many pet owners opt out of insurance and ultimately leave themselves and their pets vulnerable should an emergency situation arise.


Pawp, however, is a great alternative to traditional insurance and for a flat monthly fee you will have access to emergency funding should you need it. Paying up to $3,000 a year directly to your vet, Pawp works by giving you 24/7 access to an online vet where you can reach out should you be concerned about your pet’s health. After consulting with the vet, if it is determined that this is an emergency you will then be approved to go to any licensed vet of your choosing and have Pawp pay them directly for the care.


Covering up to 6 pets per plan at no additional cost, Pawp is one of the only insurance providers who don’t exclude pets with pre-existing conditions nor are there any age caps or breed restrictions. Accessible to everyone and with no hidden fees or sneaky fine print, Pawp is one of the best choices for any pet owner who is concerned about unexpected vet bills should an emergency situation occur. This entire process is explained in greater detail in our Pawp Review where you can learn what constitutes an emergency as well as learn more about the company.


PROSCONSAvailable Coverage for Emergency SituationsWill Not Cover Vet Care Not Directly Related to an Emergency SituationCharges a Flat Fee of $19/MonthAllows for 6 Pets to be Added to a Plan at No Additional ChargeNo Exclusions for Breeds, Sizes, or AgesUnlimited Access to an Online Vet 24/7

Best For Customizable Coverage: Prudent

Rated the #1 pet insurance company on Trustpilot, Prudent Pet sets themselves apart from other providers by offering comprehensive coverage that can be perfectly tailored to suit your preferences and needs. Moving away from the one-size-fits-all model of insurance, Prudent Pet starts every enrollment with a questionnaire that helps them to create a tailored policy that you can further customize before finalizing, and they also have 3 wellness plans available to choose from.


Powered by AI, the Prudent Pet claims process is lightning fast, so when it does come time for you to rely on your coverage you won’t be left waiting around for your reimbursement to finally show up. Although you are responsible for paying the vet directly at the time of treatment, reimbursements are sent out via direct deposit or check and can arrive in only a few short business days. The reimbursement process, as well as information on enrollment is all covered in the full Prudent Pet Review which can help you to decide if they are the right provider for you.


Deductibles for Prudent Pet start as low as $100 and policies can be extended so that there are no annual limits or caps on how many times you can visit the vet each year. While all of this will ultimately impact your premiums, Prudent Pet is committed to making sure their coverage is affordable and is easily customizable to fit any budget.


PROSCONSHighly Customizable Plans with 3 Additional Wellness OptionsNo Coverage for Pre-Existing ConditionsFast AI-Powered Claims TechnologyAbility to Visit Any Licensed VetAccess to a 24/7 Online Vet Chat Rated the #1 Provider on TrustPilot

Best For Senior Pets: ASPCA

If you’re lucky enough to have a senior pet in your life then you know all of the joy that those little, grey faces can bring. But along with the lazy days and slow-paced walks, senior pets are also significantly more prone to accidents and illness as their bodies aren’t as strong or as capable as they once were. Frequent vet visits and expensive bills are a part of any senior pet owner’s life, and with many insurance providers limiting the age of enrollment, it can be hard to find assistance that can help you afford those bills.


ASPCA Pet Health Insurance is one of the best options around for anyone who is looking to enroll their older pet as they feature no limits on age. Not only is this great news if your pet is already in their golden years, but they also have one of the most expansive policies that provide coverage for pre-existing conditions that have previously been cured.


The biggest downside to insurance for older pets is that they’ve likely had a number of accidents and illness in their past, and with pre-existing conditions excluded by virtually all providers it can lead to spending money every month that doesn’t really help you long-term. With ASPCA Pet Health Insurance, however, as long as your pet was previously cured and remained symptom free for a period of time you can then be eligible for coverage should that same accident or illness occur. This, along with their affordable premiums and easy enrollment makes them the ideal choice for senior pets and you can visit our ASPCA Pet Insurance Review if you are interested in learning more.


PROSCONSOptions Available for Accident, Illness, & Wellness PlansLengthy Waiting Periods for Any Changes Made to the PolicyNo Exam Required for EnrollmentAccepts Dogs & Cats of All Ages with No Upper LimitsFreedom to Visit Any Licensed Vet or SpecialistUp to 90% Reimbursement for All Eligible Costs

Best For Simplicity: Pumpkin

From co-pays to deductibles, annual limits and monthly premiums it can be hard keeping track of exactly what you are paying, what is covered, and how much you are going to get back after each and every vet visit. For pet owners who don’t want a complicated policy and are just looking for great coverage that meets their needs without any extra hassle, Pumpkin Pet Insurance is certainly worth looking into.


After years of research and fine-tuning, Pumpkin was able to create a simplified and streamlined policy that meets the needs of the majority of pet owners. Their pre-set plan also includes the ability to add on additional wellness coverage but this is completely optional and is only based on personal preference. Giving the perfect amount of coverage with affordable monthly premiums, Pumpkin includes a 90% reimbursement rate, $10,000 in annual coverage, and the ability to see any licensed vet in the USA and Canada.


All of this, and more, is covered in our full Pumpkin Pet Insurance Review where you can learn about how to enroll, how Pumpkin stacks up against other providers, and more information on inclusions and exclusions.


PROSCONS90% Reimbursement Rate on All PlansPre-Set Plans Only Allow for Deductible CustomizationHigh Annual Limit of $10,000Additional Wellness & Preventive Plans AvailableAbility to Visit Any Licensed Vet in the USA or CanadaIncludes a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Best For Cats: Felix

Google any review or article about pet insurance and you’re likely going to find the writer talking about dogs, forgetting the fact that most providers actually cover cats as well. The overlooked part of the pet world, cats require the same amount of health-related care as dogs, and while they may have 9 lives, they sure push their luck with all of the climbing and chaos they partake in.


As the only pet insurance provider solely catering to cats, Felix understands that dogs tend to hog the spotlight, which is why their policies and plans are designed specifically to meet the needs of cats and their owners. With Felix Cat Insurance, you get three unique plans to choose from and there are no breed restrictions involved.


Starting at only $1/day, policies through Felix are reasonable and affordable for virtually every budget and their quick and easy claims process means you have money back in your account in as little as 3 business days. Coverage extends to fees and charges that many other providers exclude, including exam fees and behavioral therapies, even if you decide to go with their less-expensive accident-only policy. If you are a proud cat owner looking for an insurance provider that is going to be there when your feline is injured or ill, you can head over to our Felix Cat Insurance Review to learn more and get started with enrollment today.


PROSCONSComprehensive Plans that can be Easily CustomizedCats Over the Age of 9 are Not Eligible for Accident & Illness PlansAll Plans Include Coverage for Exam Fees & Behavioral TherapiesClaims Approved in as Little as 3 Business DaysAbility to Visit Any Licensed Vet in the USA or CanadaPlans Start at Under $1/Day

Best For Budgets: TrustedPals

Known for their comprehensive, simplified, and affordable policies, TrustedPals is one of the most cost-effective pet insurance providers on the market that still offers the same high-quality coverage you expect, but at a price your wallet will thank you for. Designed for all households and budgets, TrustedPals has worked hard to create policy options that cover accidents, illnesses, dental, and wellness all while starting at only $20 per month.


Available for cats and dogs of any age and breed, TrustedPals allows you to visit the licensed vet of your choosing in both the USA and Canada and will reimburse you for eligible expenses relating to exam fees, diagnostics and testing, prescriptions, and more. Featuring the ability to select your preferred co-pay amount, annual limits, and deductibles, you can then tailor your plan so that it is perfect for you and your pet.


As you can see in our full TrustedPals Review, all policies are made so that they aren’t overly-complicated and you won’t be stuck with a never-ending list of exclusions that you have to try and memorize. Instead, you and your pet will enjoy well-rounded coverage that extends to virtually all aspects of care, and you won’t have to break the bank to do so.


PROSCONSPlans Starting at Only $20/MonthOnly Offers Coverage for Cats & DogsOffers Coverage for Accidents, Illnesses, Dental, & WellnessPlans can be Customized to Fit Any BudgetAccepts Claims from Any Licensed Vet in the USA or CanadaNo Breed or Age Restrictions

Is Pet Insurance Worth Having?

You may be asking yourself if adding another monthly cost to your budget is really worth it, and while this is a reasonable question the resounding answer is yes. As much as you may not want to think about something happening to your precious pet, the truth is that avoiding trips to the vet isn’t likely to happen and at some point in your cat or dog’s lifespan you’re going to find yourself at the clinic with a very expensive bill on your hands. If you don’t want to be stuck draining your savings account or going into debt to cover those costs, having a solid pet insurance policy is the smartest decision you can make. Unfortunately, too many pet owners leave this decision to the last minute, and by the time they need that coverage it’s too late to enroll. In order to get the most from your policy and ensure you save yourself money over the course of your pet’s life, it’s best to select a policy as early as possible and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are protected against the sudden accidents and illnesses.


If you are interested in learning more you can visit our full selection of reviewed and rated pet insurance providers and read full, in-depth articles where we breakdown the various pros and cons of each and include a proper explanation of policy options, coverage details, and more.


It’s never too late to enroll your pet in a comprehensive insurance plan and protect them, and yourself, against any future accidents and illnesses. You may not be able to predict the unexpected, but with the right insurance provider you won’t be left worrying when that time does come.

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