Tough Dog Beds

Tough Dog Beds

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If you have a rather rough dog that loves to chew and scratch then you are going to need one of our tough dog beds to ensure it stands the test of time. Buying a dog bed that can’t withstand rough play will ensure you need to buy a new one over and over again, probably once a month. Over time this can become very expensive. With this in mind, an indestructible dog bed that is super tough will save you a lot of money and buying effort.

What makes a tough dog bed?

A tough dog bed will need to be able to stand up to a dog’s teeth, it will not be able to be ripped open with one single bite. Even young puppy dogs can be quite destructive, they absolutely love to chew things. A good dog bed that is made to be tough will be able to withstand this biting and also scratching from long claws.

Best Tough Dog Beds Reviewed

So we have put a whole load of dog beds to the test to reveal the very best tough dog beds on the market right now.

Having a chew proof indestructible dog bed is a must have item for young and old dog owners.

To hit the list the dog bed not only has to be tough, it must be comfortable too. It is also an added bonus if the bed is waterproof and easy to clean. We have taken a look at different styles, this will ensure there is something on our list to interest you, well is a perfect fit for your dog.

1. Large Comfortable Tough Sofa Style Dog Bed

This is one of the best tough dog beds that you can buy right now. The bed is available to buy in different colors and 5 different sizes. This means they are available for use for any dog breed out there, from the smallest dog breeds, to the biggest.

The material is super tough, scratches, chewing, and biting will not destroy this thing. The best is machine washable and can be used by any dog up to 60kg in weight.

We gave this to one of our very boisterous dogs to use, after one month the bed looks just like the same day we bought it. The bad can be hand washed also, making it very easy to keep looking like new.

The heavy duty material has been woven together with such tightness that even the sharpest dog teeth will have problems getting through it. The bed is filled with a comfortable material that has been sown in, even if the seams did come lose the filling will not flow out everywhere.

This bed fits into every category in what makes a good tough dog bed. It is without any doubt that your dog will have problems trying to break up and chew up the material.

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2. All Pet Solutions Dexter Hardwearing Beds

These beds are super soft and most importantly of all are waterproof. The beds are available to purchase in small, medium, and large sizes. They are available in a choice of 4 cool colors too.

Why are these tough dog beds? These beds are made from Oxford fabrics that is known to be very hardwearing. Your dog can chew and bite away at this one and it will have little effect for a very long time.

The bed is also attached with a non-slip backing on the underside, this ensures it will not slip and slide around any slippery floor surface. If you have a tiles kitchen floor then this is a good option for you.

If you have a big dog then the large size option will give them plenty of room, it has extra padding at the bottom to stand up to even the sharpest of claws.

These are a lot cheaper than memory foam options and will certainly last a lot longer. We tested it out on our Poodle and he loves it, it is very comfortable and has not been ripped apart like some other lower priced options have been.

We know some one that got this bed for their working cocker spaniel that absolutely loves to chew things and can rip beds apart in days. This one has lasted him months, it is a very tough dog bed indeed.

The soft edging gives the dog somewhere to lay their head and will support big and small dogs. A friend of ours has a Bedlington Terrier that loves to scratch the bottom of beds, I recommended this one to her and the Terrier has yet to scratch through. It is one of the strongest beds for dogs that you can buy right now.

3. Maximum Chew Resistant Crate Dog Bed

This is a dog bed that is perfect for any crate, it has been made to be completely chew resistant. If you dog loves to dig and scratch then it will have a hard time getting through this material, it is very tough.

The bed is made in different sizes and will fit into any crate size, there is a soft filler material used making it super comfortable.

The bed can be wiped down for a fast clean and is actually made to repel dirt, in a way this makes it a self cleaning dog bed.

On the price side of things they are a little expensive for what they are, making this just our 3rd choice. Without any side to it makes it less appealing and less comfortable than other tough dog beds out there.

A friend of ours that has a German Shephard dog that loves to dig, scratch, bite, and chew found this one indestructible. This bed does stand up to chewing, our friends dog had gone through 3 beds in 2 weeks, this one has lasted a long time.

When we looked at some reviews on this bed a person wrote that their dog had eaten 2 beds, bites the stitching out and all the insides fall out. Their dog has yet to destroy this bed and it has been over 2 months. The dog is a 30kg German Shepherd, so means it is a very tough bed.

Another review states that their Boston Terrier has destroyed a bed in just under a few hours and that this bed is still good like new after a few weeks.

These beds are dog proof without any doubt, the major issue is the comfort. Many customers have resorted to buying a few of them and stacking them. If you have a highly destructive dog then it will have a hard time wrecking this bed.

Those are our top 3 best tough dog beds, our top rated in the number one position is our go to bed right now. The best is completely resistant to chewing, biting, scratching, and digging.

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