5 Edible baking decorations to enhance your baked goods

5 Edible baking decorations to enhance your baked goods

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Is there anything more satisfying than creating a delicious baked good? One of the best aspects of baking is the ability to consistently take your dishes to the next level. If you’ve hit a plateau with your baking, it might be time to introduce edible baking decorations to the mix.

Baking decorations will not only make your baked goods stand out from the crowd, but they’ll add a unique taste and flair. Let’s take a look at five edible baking decorations that are sure to inspire.

1. Sugar Shells

Let’s say you’ve decided to make a water-themed cake. Whether that be the ocean, the sea, or anything in-between. You’re going to want some sugar and fondant sugar shells.

These are small bits of decoration with a fun nautical twist. You can either buy them or make them on your own! Get creative with it, there are a variety of different shells and each of them can bring something new to the table. Maybe use this as an opportunity to head over to the beach and see what shells you can draw inspiration from.

Don’t stop at shells either, create little mermaid tails, and perhaps some fish to add some dimension. Grab blue icing, some boat figurines, and fun shells made of sugar to construct a baked good like no other.

2. Edible Gold Flakes

Looking for a luxurious way to take your cake to the next level? Then you’ll need some edible gold flakes. You’ve likely already seen these appear on social media.

For good reason too! Gold flakes takes ordinary goods and transforms them into elegant, and edible works of art. The amazing part about gold leaf is that it is versatile.

You can use it as a final ‘dusting’ on top of cupcakes for a big celebration, or create a ‘book’ made of cake, using gold leaf for a classic feel. There are many opportunities to experiment with edible gold.

If you’re working with a more fragile gold leaf then be sure to use a very fine bristle brush, like a makeup brush. A small steamer might also be helpful, to apply very thin layers of water to frostings or fondant. If you’re simply looking to sprinkle some flakes on top, then you don’t have to be as delicate.

You can also apply edible gold leaf to cocktail glasses or other non-porous objects. Use a little bit of honey then apply the gold leaf on top. Extra flakes can add a nice accent to drinks or on top of cupcakes or truffles.

3. Sweet Icing Critters

There’s something special about baked goods that feature adorable icing figures. It adds a charm that is otherwise missing in standard treats. With that said, incorporating sweet icing critters is sure to boost the appeal of any goods you make.

What do we mean by sweet icing critters? Well, let’s say you’re making a forest wonderland themed cake or cupcakes. You included the pastel greens, some fondant trees, and lots of shrubberies.

But something is missing—that extra oomph to really bring the cake to life. That missing ingredient is the icing critters! These can be any little animal or insects that you can distribute all over the cake.

Think about adding bees to trees, deers eating grass, or maybe little birds. Watch how your cake is transformed into a magical oasis. All it took was a little bit of ‘life’ to turn it up a notch.

4. Fondant Succulents

Continuing with the idea of life and greenery, fondant succulents are an exciting way to pay tribute to the popularity of these indoor plants. If you’re looking for a way to mimic the tranquility and aesthetic of succulents for your baked goods, you can create fondant succulents.

Any quick search will show you what is possible now with some creativity and sugar. Consider making cupcakes that look like succulents and cactuses, these are a great choice for any event. Make them a housewarming gift for your best friend or bring them to a gardening event.

The amazing thing about fondant succulents is their realism. Some of the baked treats you see really appear like house plants! Create a delicious chocolate ‘dirt’ cake and add the greenery on top for a unique and pleasing treat.

5. Edible Glitter

Last but not least, if you haven’t experimented with using edible glitter then you’re missing out! Ever since childhood, people associate glitter with joy and wonder, so why not add those elements to your baked goods? There are different types of edible glitter, from large flakes to glow in the dark dust.

Don’t feel limited to using edible glitter as a simple topping, you can find ways to add glitter to anything you bake. It can be subtle or the main focal point, the point is to enjoy the process of baking something delicious and unique. Consider edible glitter as the fairy dust of baking decoration.

Edible glitter is also easy to apply! If you’re using buttercream, sprinkle it on while it’s still fresh so the glitter will stick. If the icing already hardened then use a little brush of icing to create a base stickiness.

Amazing Edible Baking Decorations

It’s no secret that people love baked goods. How can you not? Delicious treats are not only a great way to bring people together, but they taste so dang good.

If you’re lucky enough to have the gift of baking then you’re probably wondering what you can do to take your goods to the next level. The answer is edible baking decorations. With so many options out there, you’re sure to take your cakes from ordinary to extraordinary.

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