Which Materials Should Always be Taken to the Dry Cleaner?

Which Materials Should Always be Taken to the Dry Cleaner?

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Did you know that the average American woman has 103 items in her closet? No matter how you compare to the average American woman, there’s one thing that’s almost for certain: you have a wide variety of materials in your wardrobe.

It’s true that with most pieces, you can either hand wash them or throw them into the laundry machine. But for others, you might need the touch of a professional dry cleaner.

So which garments do you need to bring to the dry cleaner and which can you safely wash at home? Read on to find out!

Materials You Can Wash at Home

To make things less stressful, we’ll first start out with the materials you can wash in the comforts of your own home. Check out the list below.


Today, around 75% of the world’s clothing contains some amount of cotton. Cotton is an organic material that comes from cotton plants and is woven into our garments.

This textile is highly breathable and absorbent, which means it’s great for daily wear. Not to mention, it’s also very soft and comfortable, so it should be no surprise why it’s so popular.

The fact that three-fourths of all clothing is made of cotton means there’s a very good chance that most of your wardrobe is made of this fabric as well. So you should be pleased to know that you can safely wash cotton at home.

You can also put these garments in the dryer if you’ve already preshrunk them.

Should you have any heavy staining on your clothing, you can always have cotton pieces dry cleaned.

Synthetic Fabric

Synthetic fabric is anything that’s manmade or synthesized in a lab. Textiles that fall under this category include:

  • Acrylic
  • Acetate
  • Polyester
  • Nylon
  • Spandex

If you own any of the above, you can also put these garments in your laundry machine. Because these materials don’t shrink, you can use warm water instead of cold.

When putting these clothes in the dryer, make sure to use a gentle setting. Otherwise, these garments might get wrinkled in the long run. You can also have these dry cleaned if you’re worried about wrinkles.

Materials That Need Dry Cleaner Service

Now that you know which materials you can wash at home, you’re probably which ones need to go through a dry cleaning machine. We’ll show you below.


Wool is a fantastic material to wear in the wintertime because it’s very insulating. It seems like a very strong and sturdy fabric, which is why most people don’t know that you need to have it dry cleaned! This is because wool will warp and shrink very easily.

So theoretically, you can hand wash wool, but you’ll need wool detergent. Not only that, but you have to pretreat your garments and also be careful when washing.

For example, you can’t wring out your garments to get them as dry as possible. And needless to say, you should never put your wool clothing in a dryer. Not unless you want mini-versions of your clothes, of course.

As you can see, it’s much easier to just have a dry cleaner clean your wool clothes for you. Not only can they ensure that your pieces stay pristine, but they’ll also save you some time.


Cashmere is another fabric that’s excellent for the winter since it’ll keep you nice and warm. Plus, it’s not as prickly as wool is, so many people prefer cashmere instead.

Like wool, cashmere is a material that shrinks very easily and will warp as well. So while you can hand wash cashmere, it’s not recommended. You should take your garments to a professional dry cleaner instead.


Silk is a very luxurious fabric, which means you need to take extra care of it. Not only is it very delicate, but the dye in the textile can easily bleed out.

This is another material you can theoretically hand wash in cold water. But this process can make your garments less smooth and soft. For this reason, it’s best to have your silk clothes dry cleaned.


Linen is a material many people wear during the summer. This is because it’s light and breathable, allowing you to stay cool during hot days.

It looks and feels a bit similar to cotton, but you should definitely keep it away from your washer and dryer. You can attempt to hand wash it in cold water, but again, like the other materials on this list, it might get warped when drying.

Dry cleaning your linen clothes can help ensure that they stay spotless and in good condition.


Rayon is actually a semi-synthetic material, which means it’s part-natural and part-manmade. This unique fabric makeup means rayon is very tricky to wash at home.

While it’s possible to wash rayon in warm water, it might shrink and warp. And you can certainly wash it in cold water, but again, you might compromise the textile.

Rayon is yet another material where you can benefit from dry cleaning service.

Use a Dry Cleaner for Your Delicate Garments

Now you know which materials you can safely wash at home and which you need to have a dry cleaner wash.

The biggest mistake people make is washing these delicate garments at home to save some money. But in the end, if you try to do this, you’ll end up ruining your expensive clothing.

So do yourself a favor and leave the cleaning up to the professionals. They’ll be able to dry clean your garments so they’re not only spotless, but undamaged.

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