Cat Training School | I’ll Wait While You Stop Laughing

Cat Training School | I’ll Wait While You Stop Laughing

Cat Training School | I’ll Wait While You Stop LaughingPhoto by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos

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Given the conventional ideology that cats are untrainable, a cat training school seems like a losing proposition. People long ago accepted this as the unshakable truth and never even tried working with their cats. As is often the case, though, conventional ideology is wrong. Cats can absolutely be trained–which is great news considering the longevity of cats. Since you could be sharing your home with a cat for over two decades, doesn’t it make sense to take the time to squelch unwanted behaviors and instill useful ones?

To be clear, cats are not like dogs. As people have long known, they are wired differently. Dogs are more motivated by praise and seem born to work in tandem with humans. They will work with a trainer happily for long sessions while a cat will start yawning in ten minutes. Cats seem to live by the motto: “I do what I want”. In the words of Samantha Martin, who, if you can believe it, tours with an actual 14-cat circus troupe, “Dogs are true professionals, but cats are more like employees who you would fire if they were people.”

I Need to Open Up a Cat Training School in My Living Room!

Cats can be challenging, and they are definitely individuals when it comes to what motivates them. You have to observe your cat’s natural tendencies and learn what reward your cat will work to earn. Positive training methods are the only type that work with cats. Do not even think of using negative training methods with a cat, such as spraying her with water. You will likely stress your pet out to the point that she licks raw patches in her fur and begins peeing anywhere but the litter box. Then you’ll have those undesirable behaviors to add to the list!

And whether you realize it or not, you have been training your cat all along. Does he counter surf despite your fussing and fuming? He probably has learned that it gets your attention. Does she yowl for food until you comply? That’s what you’ve taught her by rewarding the behavior.

You should also understand that what cat owners label as bad cat behavior is actually natural cat behavior. Helping the animal find an acceptable alternative, such as using a scratching post instead of the La-Z-Boy will be well worth your time. Your cat will be able to satisfy his natural tendencies and you will not have to replace furniture–or worse, get fed up and get rid of your cat.

Pet owners can sometimes find themselves frustrated, angry, and helpless in the face of feline behaviors they don’t understand and can’t control. This is why cat training schools can be a sanity saver. They enable their students to provide an invaluable service to cat owners and their pets. With help from a certified cat trainer, strained relationships can become loving ones when an owner and cat learn to share a space peacefully.

No Fooling–What Can a Cat Actually Learn?

Cats can learn many of the same commands that dogs perform, such as coming when called, sitting, or staying. In fact, there is at least one cat out there who helps train dogs. He hides and lets rescue dogs in training search for him.

In addition to common training commands, cats can learn useful things like how to master anxiety over going into a carrier or having their nails trimmed. And they can learn to do fun tricks. The life of many a shelter cat has been saved by learning how to “High Five.” Who could resist such a fetching trick? In reality, the real magic was achieved by someone who took the time to teach a skittish, unadoptable animal to accept just that little touch of a human hand.

Cat Training School for the Win!

Cats have gotten a bad rap. They can be wonderful, loving companions. The old conventional wisdom that they are untrainable has done cats and their owners a disservice for long enough. If you need a little help with your feline friend, a cat trainer can be a life saver.

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