7 Insider Tips for Amazing Pageant Photography

7 Insider Tips for Amazing Pageant Photography

7 Insider Tips for Amazing Pageant PhotographyPhoto by Valerie Elash

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When taking photos at a pageant, there are some tips you should know. This guide lists 7 insider tips for amazing pageant photography.

Whether you’re prepping for your first pageant or you’ve already been a participant for years, it’s vital to get amazing results from your photography session.

From headshots to promo pictures, your pageant photography should stand out from the crowd.

Read on for a list of seven insider tips that will help you get amazing results when you get in front of the camera.

1. Showcase the Real You

Your hair and makeup should be stunning for pageant headshots, but it shouldn’t be so over the top that you’re unrecognizable. Try to keep your makeup natural and avoid going overboard when it comes to colors and hairstyles.

The goal of a headshot is to show off your beauty without looking overdone. Highlight your best features and make sure that they really stand out in your photos.

If your pageant photos don’t look anything like you, you’re not really representing who you are. Of course, you want to look gorgeous, but just be aware that your look shouldn’t be too heavy on the makeup and hair that you end up looking like someone else.

2. Choose a Pro For Your Pageant Photography

It’s tempting to ask your mom or your best friend to take your pageant portraits. However, a professional is best when it comes to taking these absolutely vital shots.

Look for photographers who specialize or have experience in this type of photography. Do some research and read customer reviews or ask people for some referrals.

When you enlist the help of a professional photographer, you’ll get an amazing finished product. Take the time to “interview” your photographer and find out more about their experience in this arena. When possible, ask to see their pageant photography portfolio, too.

3. Avoid Doing Too Much Editing

Some pageant participants go overboard on editing their photos, and they can end up looking “doctored” or fake. Try to stay away from editing your pictures aside from maybe a small touch up here and there.

When you edit your pictures too heavily, it’s usually quite obvious to the person on the outside who looks at your photos. A small touch-up on your face or clothing is fine, but don’t do things like change your body shape or add a wild, unrealistic background.

Pageant portraits should highlight who you really are, and they should help your natural beauty shine through. Overediting will make your pictures look doctored, artificial, and most importantly – unrealistic.

4. Exude Confidence

Your pageant pictures should show off your personality and evoke a sense of confidence. Have fun while taking your photos and do your best to relax so that the real you comes through.

Make sure that you feel good and confident when you’re in the middle of a photography session. Do your best to smile without looking fake or forced, and allow your inner self to come through in each photo.

Participating in a beauty pageant can help you feel strong and empowered. Make sure that the same attitude is really seen and felt in the photos that you present.

5. Pick Your Outfit in Advance

Pageant photography should be less formal than what you’d wear on the actual day of your pageant. Determine what kind of look you want to present before you schedule your photo shoot.

Whether it’s casual and cute with a tee and jeans or more formal with an evening gown and jewelry, think about which looks really display who you are during your daily life. You can have fun with your pics by dressing up in a simple outfit with some glitzy jewelry.

If you want to have several options to choose from, bring a few different outfits and accessories with you. Select something formal and feminine and a few things that are a bit more casual. Have your photographer take several shots of you in different attire so you have more variety.

6. Strike a Pose

Your pose or position can have a big impact on how your pageant photos look. If you’re not too comfortable in front of the camera, start with the “straight to camera” pose. This basic pose consists of you looking directly at the camera until you relax and loosen up.

As your photographer takes several shots, they’ll ask you to move in different positions. Over time, you should start to feel more relaxed as you move your head, eyes, and body to different angles for stunning photos.

Remember to take deep breaths, have fun, and relax as you take part in your pageant photography shoot. Once you start to get comfortable, the real you will be able to shine through.

7. Go with the Pageant Theme

Not all pageants are the same, and your photos shouldn’t be, either. Make sure your pictures reflect the type of pageant you’re participating in.

Formal pageants may require you to dress up in elegant attire and go a bit heavier on the makeup. On the other hand, a more casual type of pageant might not need pictures that are quite as glitzy.

Find out what the pageant guidelines are, and use that to help you with your photographs. The more in tune you are with the pageant, the better your photos will be.

Get Ready to Smile

From choosing the right hair and makeup to relaxing in front of the camera, pageant photography can be a fun adventure if you know where to start. Consider these insider tips to help you create some stunning photos for your next pageant entry.

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