How to Look Younger by Wearing the Right Eyeglasses

How to Look Younger by Wearing the Right Eyeglasses

How to Look Younger by Wearing the Right EyeglassesPhoto by Prateek Katyal

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Everyone is obsessed with looking younger. To maintain a youthful appearance, you need to change your fashion to fit in with the current trends. Did you know that the wrong glasses could make you look older than you really are?

People who are over 50 years of age are always looking for glasses that will give them a more youthful appearance. If you are in this age group, you need to look for fashion trends that will help you to age gracefully. Make sure that you pay attention to the different aspects of eyewear. Here are some tips that you should follow when shopping for eyewear from online sites such as Lens World.


When it comes to choosing the right color for your age, you should go with warm colors. Flashy and cool tones look good on younger people but they can make you look older. However, warmer tones look good on older men and women.

When shopping for frames, you should look for jewel tones, browns, and berry tones. These colors flatter older women very much. On the other hand, men should look for burgundies, grays, blues, and greens. Make sure that you look for materials that will add some sparkle to your eyes and stay away from dull colors.

With the right frame color, you will have your best features standing out instead of blending in with the rest of your face.


With the right frame shape, you can give your face a natural facelift. Make sure that you shop for shapes that uplift the face. You should opt for rounded corners and soft edges instead of sharp edges.

Glasses with rounded corners will soften your facial features thus giving them a natural facelift. For older women, cat-eye shapes help to soften facial features because they have softer edges. However, men should opt for upswept rectangle shapes, which are very flattering on them.


Unlike previous generations, the current crop of over-50s is not afraid to experiment with shapes and colors. You need to shop for eyewear with a retro look because it will make you appear younger and more youthful. There are so many different styles available now that the type of eyeglasses you choose will be hard to find on the street, so enjoy your experience by making sure you find something you enjoy and think looks great rather than something you think is ideal for your age, skin tone or what others may think is ‘right’ for you.


As you get older, you will realize that size matters very much. For this reason, you need to stay away from vertically short frames. Most people over the age of 45 develop presbyopia, which means that they lose the ability to focus on nearby objects. This means that if you have this condition, you will require different prescriptions for distance and near vision.

Because of this, you might require multifocal lenses. Although small frames are ideal for dedicated reading glasses and distance glasses, they will not leave enough room for a combination of these. A large vertical dimension is ideal if you want to be able to read comfortably.

Lens Type

Most people who are over 50 prefer to get over-the-counter reading glasses. You have probably seen someone wearing these glasses; they tend to age people badly. To avoid this, you should stay away from over-the-counter glasses. Instead, you should get your own prescription from an optometrist.

Making time for an eye exam will help you to determine your visual needs. For a more youthful appearance, you should opt for no-line progressive lenses. However, you do not have to wear progressive lenses all the time.


Finding the right eyewear for your needs is important. Make sure that you consult your eye doctor before buying the latest stylish glasses. You do not want to choose lenses that will make your vision worse.

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