How To Dress Like A Rapper: The Complete Style Guide

How To Dress Like A Rapper: The Complete Style Guide

How To Dress Like A Rapper: The Complete Style GuidePhoto by Andrew Gaines

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Did you know that rap music comes from the 70s in New York City from block parties? Rap uses funk, disco, soul, and percussion for inspiration.

Do you enjoy rap and you’re wondering how to dress like a rapper? In this article, explore the answer to this question and dress in style from head to toe. Read on to ensure that you have the rap vibes going, and a strong sense of fashion that’ll turn heads.

The Different Styles of Rap

A rapper is someone who follows or likes the different types of hip hop music from west coast rap, southern rap, Chicano rap, to Miami bass. You can even find some favela funk, meringue hip hop, and reggaeton. Rap is known to have reached its peak in the 90s and ever since, there hasn’t been a huge difference in the music style.

Dress Like a Rapper

To begin, first find a baggy shirt. Basketball jerseys are popular when it comes to dressing like a rapper. You can choose graphic print t-shirts if you’re looking for some more color to your clothing.

Another option you can choose is a baggy hoodie. If you go with a hoodie, tie the front, and have the back open to show off a designer belt. Ensure that you pair your baggy shirt with some hip hop jewelry.

Baggy Jeans

Along with the baggy shirt, you’ll want to choose baggy jeans. Ensure that they don’t conceal your shoes, you want to show those off.

Hip Hop Jewelry

Rappers wear tons of rings, chains, and pendants to complement their look. The heavier your jewelry, the higher your status will be viewed.

Choose big and heavy watches to wear with your outfit. Consider buying golden grills for your teeth.


If you don’t have branded sneakers, are you even a rapper? Choose shoes that have a large tongue, and are low fitting.

Common picks are Vans and DC’s. Boot-high shoes are another common pick as well.


Choose some oversized sunglasses to complement your look. Square frames are a popular choice for rappers.

Sean John and Adidas are common shade brands. You can even choose studded shades for some extra jewelry.

Walk the Walk

If you have the style down but not the walk, other rappers won’t take you seriously. You’ll want to walk with small steps and rock your upper body from side to side. This walk will gain you respect from others, and you must keep your cool.

Should You Bandana?

Wearing a cap and bandana together is a personal choice. You can have your hat facing the side, back, or front.

Choose a bandana that’s full color and will fit your hat snug. You can also choose do-rags as well.

How To Dress Like Drake

Drake likes to stand out from the crowd with his signature look and cut. To mimic his look, choose high black boots, skinny jeans, and a black sweatshirt.

Drake isn’t afraid to rock pink shirts either. He also makes sure to show off his designer shoes with his outfits.

How To Dress Like a Female Rapper

For the ladies, you’ll want to choose light-colored shirts. Female rappers often choose colorful t-shirts for their outfits.

You can choose bright colors with animal prints or just words. Common shirt choices are tank tops, fashionable t-shirts, bikini shirts, and crop tops.

Skirts or Pants

Leggings or fitted jeans are a common choice. You can choose torn or not. Harem pants are gaining popularity as well.

If you’re looking for something a bit more dressy than pants, you can choose a short denim skirt. You can find Nicki Minaj and Eve rocking these.

All About the Shoes

Boots, high heels, and bright footwear are common among female rappers. Check out Adidas and Jordans for some shoewear designs.


The varying colors aren’t just for your outfit, but your hair as well. Choose blue, purple, or pink for your hair. Choose straight or curly hair, and consider dying it platinum blonde.


Have a jacket that’ll make you stand out from the crowd. Some common colors are white or gold. For a less girly look, you can choose bubble vests or sports jackets.


Choose hoop earrings in gold and multiple necklaces with pendants. Pick flashy options with plenty of rhinestones, diamonds, or studs. For shades, you’ll want to have jewelry studded options or bright colors.


The trend for makeup on rappers is to go with options that make your eyes and lips stand out. You can either go with fake lashes or thicker mascara. If you’re not interested in black lashes, you can pick out different color options.

For eyeshadows and eyeliner bright colors such as blue, pink, neon green, and gold or silver are good options. The more colorful the better.


For different inspiration ideas make sure to check out rappers and hip hop artists on their Instagram. They’ll be rocking the latest fashion when it comes to clothes and jewelry. Pick up a magazine as well for some style ideas.

Some top rappers to follow are:

  • J. Cole
  • Travis Scott
  • Lil Uzi Vert

The most famous rappers include:

  • Kendrick Lamar
  • Eminem
  • Logic

Exploring How To Dress Like a Rapper

Now that you’ve explored how to dress like a rapper, you should have a better idea of what to pick out for your style. Remember that it’s about incorporating big and baggy clothing and jewelry. Would you like to read more about fashion? For everything from fashion to lifestyle, check out our other articles today.

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