Can You Rent to Own an RV? (Yes! And Why You Should)

Can You Rent to Own an RV? (Yes! And Why You Should)

Can You Rent to Own an RV? (Yes! And Why You Should)Photo by Fabian

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Owning an RV is the dream of many. Being out on the open road and traveling the countryside at your own pace sounds wonderful. Recreational vehicle interest and ownership are at an all-time high.

Not only do people want them for travel, but many are also opting to live in them full time. The tiny house and minimalist movement have created an interest in also using an RV as a full-time residence.

One of the biggest drawbacks of owning an RV is the cost and financing involved. It can be expensive with a lot of red tape and conditions when going through traditional financing.

Luckily there is a way around all that. You may be asking can you rent to own an RV? In many places, that option is absolutely available! There are private individuals and even RV dealerships who are willing to work with individuals to help realize their dream of RV ownership.

Let’s learn the details!

Why RVs Are So Popular

Interest in travel is at an all-time high. However, travel options are limited at the moment. Having an RV means you can take off and see the world whenever you want. You carry your home with you!

Traveling in a car is brutal. Everyone cramped in with all the luggage for long hours. Air travel can be expensive with its own set of headaches. Heading down the highway in an RV gives room for everyone to spread out and relax. Even the road trip seems like a vacation.

RV travel is cost-effective as well. No more hotel bills and plane tickets. You can even cut down on restaurant visits.

Being able to take your pets out on the open road is another plus. So many other vacation options do not allow your fur babies to go with you. With an RV, you bring whoever, and whatever, you want!

Privacy is a great benefit. You can spend your days and nights being comfortable in the privacy of your own RV.

Can You Rent to Own an RV

The quick answer to that question is YES! The option to rent to own an RV opens up many possibilities for you. Not only are there many motivated dealers, but private owners also find this makes for an easier way to sell their vehicle and still get a fair price.

A downside to regular renting is that at the end of the lease, you walk away with nothing. In this scenario, a portion of each rent payment goes to actually buy the RV. At the end of the lease, the title is yours!

Flexible Financing

Since most people do not have the money to buy an RV outright, financing will need to be involved. Going the traditional route of ownership involves getting approved through a lending institution. Not only do they have stricter financing rules, but they also have limits on the age of the RV.

When you set up private financing terms there is no age restriction on the RV. You can find an older RV within your budget and still be able to make payments.

No Credit Check

Another advantage of renting to own is no credit check. A bank will run a credit check and could possibly turn you down if you don’t meet their criteria.

Maybe your credit score is a little spotty or possibly you don’t have an established credit history. Either way, this will not stand in your way.

Lower Down Payment

Buying a new RV requires a significant down payment. The financial impact upfront can be quite large.

Most private owners or dealerships that offer rent to own sales are more lenient when it comes to that. Some do not expect one at all, while others need a much smaller amount.

You can spend less money at the beginning and use that money for your many adventures.

Ability to Negotiate Terms

Some people want to be able to pay off their rent to own RV quickly, and others need more time. Regular lenders are limited in their terms.

Working with someone on a rent to own basis gives you the ability to negotiate terms. You can work out the payment amount and what day of the month the money is due. By negotiating the payment amount you can pay off the RV in a certain amount of weeks, months, or even years.

In addition to paying for the camper, you may also want to look into a warranty to cover unexpected damage.

Trade Up or Down

If the rent to own contract agreement is with an RV dealership, you may have the ability to swap out. You may not know from the very beginning which RV will work best for your needs and lifestyle. You may start with a larger one and decide you really prefer a smaller one. The opposite can be true also. You begin with a smaller one and then love it so much you want to go bigger.

Without being locked into a traditional loan, you can re-negotiate with the dealership until you find the perfect fit for you and your family.

If you are working with a private individual, you will need to discuss upfront any penalties or fees if you decide the RV is not what you want and wish to end the lease.

If you are brand new to the RV world and not sure where to start, here is information on what to look for in an RV.

The Open Road Awaits

Whether you want to strike out every weekend to explore a new corner of the world or take a months-long journey around the country, an RV is your ticket to freedom.

If you were wondering can you rent to own an RV, this article should have helped you understand it is not only possible but a great idea as well.

The only thing left is which one to choose! For more information on how we can get you in the perfect RV, please reach out.

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