7 Reasons to Upgrade from Epicor® Vantage

7 Reasons to Upgrade from Epicor® Vantage

7 Reasons to Upgrade from Epicor® VantagePhoto by Freestocks

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Does your organization still rely on Epicor® Vantage 8? If so, the writing’s on the wall. Leveraging legacy software to keep pace with increasing customer demand and lightning-fast competition can leave you scrambling to catch up. If your outdated version of Epicor® isn’t slowing you down yet, cumbersome bugs and delays aren’t far behind. While your daily ERP routine might be comfortable and consistent, it pays to take the plunge and upgrade to Epicor® 10. When you modernize your approach and access cutting-edge solutions, you instantly become a more relevant and powerful player in your space. Interested in learning more about how Epicor 10 outshines its predecessors? Let’s look at seven reasons why it’s time to upgrade today.

1. Simplified, Robust Architecture

Previous versions of Epicor software included a complex, multi-layered architecture. With Epicor 10, software developers decided to remove the former Progress layer and move completely to a 100% Microsoft stack. In addition, this version also operates via a REST API, not SOAP. What do all of these technical details mean? Essentially, a simplified architecture means better performance. The simple step of taking away the Progress layer made the software more agile and responsive. Moreover, switching to REST for API services improved flexibility and quickened processing times.

2. Mobile Framework

Research shows that more than 50% of Americans handle work on their smartphones. As such, it’s time for ERP systems to become as responsive and accessible as possible, on any device. With this in mind, Epicor® 10.1 features a new mobile framework that amplifies on-the-go ERP. With a few clicks, users can access real-time dashboard updates on their app, all delivered in a user-friendly format that’s a cinch to navigate. Especially if you have a significant number of offsite or globally dispersed employees, imagine how this one upgrade could improve worker productivity.

3. Advanced Data Analytics

A recent study reveals that 86% of modern executives believe that their organizations have been only somewhat effective (at best) in terms of meeting their data analytics objectives. One-quarter admit they’re entirely ineffective. While there are many reasons why this could be the case, outdated software isn’t helping. Today’s business leaders need software systems that are not only capable of keeping up with the influx of data they receive on a daily basis, but can also help turn that data into actionable insights for future growth. That’s why Epicor 10 includes premium data analytics features not found in previous releases. In Epicor 10.1, you’ll find Epicor® Data Analytics (EDA). This automatic data collection tool eliminates the risk of human error that plagues manual entries. Users can leverage the more than 1,000 analysis options available within EDA to take obtain accurate and timely data insights. Then, Epicor® 10.2 debuted Epicor® Data Discovery (EDD). This tool provides a quick layout of data as it’s incurred in real-time.

4. Quicker Speeds

Epicor® 9 was fast, but Epicor® 10 is faster. Thanks to the new systems architecture mentioned above, this version is sleeker and quicker to operate. In fact, it runs at a speed that’s nearly twice that of the version before it. Working with such a robust and responsive tool can encourage user adoption and grow overall productivity levels.

5. A More Connected Workplace

Effective collaboration is the fuel that drives employee morale, encourages teamwork, and ultimately helps build your bottom line. Understanding this, Epicor developers introduced an exciting new feature with Epicor 10: Epicor® Social Enterprise (ESE). Similar to your favorite social media platforms, ESE allows employees to communicate with one another via hashtags, posts, shares, and reposts. Users can access these tools to keep up with projects, transactions, and objects from any device, further enhancing their production and performance.

6. Cleaner Home Page

It might not seem like a big deal, but a cluttered and confusing user interface can render an ERP solution nearly unusable. While none of Epicor’s former versions were that drastic, users will appreciate that the one in Epicor 10.2 is revamped and revitalized. Within Epicor® Data Discovery, you’ll find the new Epicor Home Page. Here, you’ll have access to robust business intelligence (BI) features. On this page, you can also manage, share and analyze any data points you need. Looking for a specific dataset? You can leverage BAQ Metric tiles to customize your dashboard, showing only the sets you need for your ongoing tasks and current projects.

7. Updated Support

You can always count on Epicor to provide top-notch customer support. Now the company’s policy is even more far-reaching. Under the new plan, users can receive comprehensive services on their software (any release) within two years of general availability. This includes supplemental upgrade support for older models. Keep in mind that while the support is robust, business owners aren’t completely off the hook. As long as you’ve made the regular upgrades to your Epicor 10 solution, you’ll have access to the top-tier support offerings. In addition to this revised policy, Epicor 10 also includes a dynamic digital transformation roadmap that can act as your guide as you eliminate and replace your outdated software.

Switch From Epicor Vantage to Epicor 10 Today

Now that you know a few of the top reasons why it pays to make the switch from Epicor Vantage to Epicor 10, are you ready to realize these benefits for yourself? At the end of the day, you don’t have to remain loyal to your legacy systems and solutions. This is your opportunity to upgrade your ERP software and get it cleaned and managed the way you originally desired. Your smartest move forward? Partner with an expert ERP consulting firm, like ours. Our team members provide professional services for aspects of Epicor ERP 10 software. We can walk you through the entire upgrade process from beginning to end, so you never miss a beat or an opportunity to connect. Get in touch with Tomerlin-ERP today and let’s get started!

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