How To Tell If Your Dog Loves You

How To Tell If Your Dog Loves You

How To Tell If Your Dog Loves YouPhoto by Marvin Meyer

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Dog lovers want to know that they are doing a good job as pet parents. One way is to look for signs that your dog loves you. Attachment and a bond are important for having a happy, healthy dog. But how to tell if your dog loves you? Our pooches cannot use words but they have other ways of letting us know how much we mean for them.


There are more signs, that are not listed below, such as a dog smiling, being comforting to you when you’re sick or sad. Trusting dogs also accept touch in more sensitive places such as ears and toes. Dogs also show affection by playing with their owners or enjoying making you laugh.

Here are some signs that pet parents can look for to show that your pooch truly loves you.


#1 Eye contact


There’s a reason most dog training classes emphasize eye contact, as this demonstrates a level of trust between you and your dog. When your dog looks at you with relaxed, soft eyes this is similar to a dog version of a hug! Eye contact shows that they respect and love you.


Aside from the typical sticks by my side type behavior and the five-minute meltdown when I get home, sometimes Jupiter will be outside with her bone and I’ll go out there with a coffee and she’ll look at me, wag her tail and maintain eye contact for a bit as if she’s saying ‘Hey Mumma, love you.’ I get those looks inside too, she’ll just look at me and it’s like a wall of love washing over me ????Reddit


#2 Tail wagging


A wagging tail doesn’t always mean a happy dog, but if the dog has his or her tail in the middle of his/her body and waves it back and forth in a steady motion, you’ve got a happy pooch! Happy dogs tend to keep their tails in the middle of their body and that tail can become a pendulum when they’re really excited to see you!


#3 Following You


If you have a dog that follows you from room-to-room, this is a good sign of love. Dogs need to be with their pack leader, and even if they aren’t in the same room as you, they will come and check on you.


My border collie follows me around the entire house. She’s almost never in the other room unless I sit down to do something for a long time. – Reddit


#4 Licking


Dogs lick for a variety of reasons. First, puppies lick their mama to get a meal, and dogs lick their pack leader. A dog that licks your face is showing you affection. Licking can also have a soothing effect on both the human and the dog.


#5 Loves contact


Dogs have different affection levels. Some might lean on your leg (a sign of reassurance) while others love to be in your lap or petted a lot! In any case, petting and affection are good signs of bonding. Contact releases feel-good hormones in both you and your pooch!

He lets me pick him up and hold him and carry him around like a toddler. – Reddit


#6 Big Welcomes
Your dog acts like you’ve been gone for months instead of five minutes! It’s like your own personal surprise party! Many dogs run around, bark, wag their tail, and lick you silly. They are celebrating your return. You are the center of their world, after all.



#7 Sleeping next to you or with you


Dogs are programmed to sleep with their pack. Sleeping in front of someone is the ultimate sign of both the dog’s comfort level and respect. Some people want their pooch in the bed with them while other people opt for their dog simply sleeping in the bedroom with them. Either way, wanting to sleep close to you is a sign of the close bond between a person and his or her dog.

Having my dog crawl up into my armpit nook in the middle of the night is one of the best feelings I’ve ever had. – Reddit


#8 Rolls over on their stomach


This is a sign of submission leftover from their wolf heritage. A dog that rolls over on his or her stomach trusts you completely. Not only do they trust you, the belly rub feels great!


#9 Taking Your Personal Items


Dogs live to smell, and your scent is the most comforting. They often sleep near their person’s clothing or even on top of it! Dogs find your scent comforting.

Whenever I leave for work my girl gathers up all of my clothes on her couch and lays with them. Sleepy snuggles!!!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh they’re the best. And of course, walking through the door after work. Best part of my day. – Reddit


#10 Respect for the house rules


Dogs that have a deep bond with you usually don’t destroy things when you’re gone (after they’ve gone through the puppy phase). They understand their human will come back and are content to catch a bit of shut-eye.


A relationship with a dog is a lot like a relationship with a human; you understand your dog’s quirks and normal behavior. You can tell when your dog is sick or feeling off just like he/she can read your feelings.


When he doesn’t feel like playing at the park he sits ON my feet and leans against my leg. If I cry he comes running and puts his paws in my lap, as if to say what’s wrong it’s okay! When I wake up in the middle of the night and call him (softly), he immediately hops up and just spoons with me. I have PTSD and severe anxiety. My pooch has been a lifesaver. – Reddit


Dogs who are bonded to their people always check in with their person, for example, they might run off to investigate something, but they’ll look back at you or even come back to you completely. Dogs that are bonded also get to know your schedule: when you get up, when you come home, when you eat, etc. They learn to read the signs that things are happening and are happy to join you for the activity like riding in the car or going for a walk.

How is your pooch expressing his/her love? I would really like to know and add your story here. Feel free to write in a comment or send me an e-mail at

Also, if you know somebody who needs to read this, please share it. As they say, “Sharing is caring”.

I wish you and your pooch a wonderful day and if you are going for a ride, make sure both of you are safe ( click HERE to find out how to keep your pooch safe in the car).

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