How to Start and Make Money with Online Stores

How to Start and Make Money with Online Stores

How to Start and Make Money with Online StoresPhoto by Pepi Stojanovski

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Make money with online stores? Who doesn’t want to make money with online stores?! Apparently, very few people. Let thefigures below tell the story.

Interesting Statistics For Online Shopping Growth

– Retail e-commerce sales worldwide were at 3.53 trillion US dollars.

– Revenues from e-retail are expected to grow until 2022 at 6.54 trillion US dollars.

Online shopping is the most popular internet activity worldwide. Let that sink in. As an online activity, it is the most popular globally.

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How To Make Money with Online Stores

It seems that most people dream of making money online. But, despite the widespread use of the internet, many are uncertain about how to maximize it to make money online. They can look up the list of the 10 most relevant e-commerce platforms that can enable you to make money with online stores.


– Shopify

– 3dcart


– Volusion

– Prestashop

– Weebly

– Squarespace

– Magento

– Wix

You may have other platforms that you would have but the above are established names in the e-commerce online store world. So you pick one and you are ready to go. But how are you going to get people interested enough to look you up, visit the stores, and become customers?

True, it is not easy to earn from online stores even though they are easy to set up. But, you can begin with the necessary steps and gradually grow through the experience.

Below are some necessary steps to start and make money with online stores.

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Create a website

Your website serves as your anchor location. It tells the internet users who you are and what you have to offer. It contains information about you and your business, products, blogs, and many more. Creating your own website gives you control over your site.


Promote on Social Media Pages

You cannot refute the pervasiveness and influence of social media nowadays. Social media use worldwide soared by 21% (2017) according to Hootsuite and is expected to grow still. Social media, as a marketing strategy, is powerful and should not be ignored. This is a significant first step in letting your online store visible to your friends and potential clients. A few examples of social media you can use are Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Pinterest is now going strong in the online market.


Add Value to Your Website

When you consistently add value to your website, you create authority and credibility. Authority builds trust, and with trust, you can draw online users to your website, build followers, and, eventually, customers if that is your end goal. If your site does not have value, you might find it difficult to entice customers and gain traction online. You can add value by making your website unique, vary your content from time to time, and use SEO to work your way toward the first or second page on search engines.

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Creating Authority and Credibility


1. Authenticity – Be true in everything you do when promoting yourself and your brand.


2. Join in Industry Discussions – Sharing your insights with appropriate communities.


3. Guest Post on Other Authority Websites – Identify thsoe in your market segment and submit a request to post.


4. Write for the “Big Boys” – Submit your work to Entrepreneur, Forbes, Medium, Search Engine Journal, and other appropriate publications.


5. Create a Blog With Amazing Content – Make the effort to write exceptional content as a way to separate yourself from your competitors. These are only five ways to gain authority with your audience but there are many more depending on what you are trying to accomplish.


Create an Email List

An email list is a marketing strategy that targets active and interested groups of email subscribers to your website so they may investigate your product offering. The email list contains the names and addresses of individuals who gave permission for you to send updates and promotions through their mails. Because interest is shown through consent, they are the most likely clientele you can convert into paying customers. According to the Data and Marketing Association (formerly known as the Direct Marketing Association), email lists show 10 times more conversions than social media marketing. But wait, it gets better.


According to a more recent study done by McKinsey & Company, email marketing is up to 40 times more effective than social media! The same research also shows that social media loses out in the buying process. It happens 3 times faster in the email marketing scenario. On top of this, the effectiveness of email marketing shows no signs of diminishing. It is a smart implementation and strategy you need to worry about.

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Participate in Online Forums

A crucial point in participating in online forums is the backlink it creates. A backlink or also known as the inbound link. It is a link created when websites link to one another. It is crucial for SEO because it shows the confidence of one site to another. At its essence, a backlink signals search engines that online users vouch for your content.

Some of the more popular and useful ones that come to mind are, Reddit, Quora, and BizWarriors.


Tone and Courtesy in Writing

  • The “tone” is a crucial part of electronic communication. Read your messages aloud Do they sound the way you would say it to someone in person?
  • Humor can be both challenging and tricky to convey in text. You must be sure everyone realizes when you are attempting to be funny. It’s easy for messages to be misinterpreted as there are no inflections or body language that accompany the text. Emojis don’t count as proper conveyors of body language
  • Think through and re-read your comments prior to posting them.
  • Be respectful. Refrain from profane language or personal attacks.
  • Make a commitment to learning about, understanding, and supporting the environment you are participating in.
  • Disagree with ideas, but avoid a confrontation that may be interpreted as a personal attack.
  • Be open to being challenged on your ideas or assumptions.
  • Engage others with the intent of facilitating growth. Do not insult, demean, or embarrass others.
  • Encourage others to respectfully promote and share their ideas.

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Many of those beginning with online stores use all kinds of things and methods to make money online. Or with the rush to make money with online stores, they unwittingly sacrifice their morals. Doing so would put off people and lose Google’s trust.

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