Aziz Basha’s Journey: From Third World Country to World of Milli

Aziz Basha’s Journey: From Third World Country to World of Millionaires

The life one is born into should not determine the life one is going to have. This actually speaks volumes about how destiny works, and fate can only take one so far.

Ultimately, people themselves wield the deciding power, and this is how Aziz Basha took hold of his life.

Aziz is an online entrepreneur and expert in e-commerce. He has won predominant awards in the world of entrepreneurship, including the Arab Net Award for Best Business Idea. With over ten years of experience, he has become a household name in the field of general trade as well.  Born in a third-world country to a middle-class family, Aziz surprised the naysayers by turning out to be the millionaire he is today. When he was still a child, his father incurred a lot of debt, which put the entire family under financial distress. This period of poverty dragged on for quite some time, and it gave the impetus to his grit and hardwork.  

At an early age, Aziz already had his mind fixed on being in the business world. He was convinced that only those who are in the field of entrepreneurship would make it on top of the financial hierarchy. Being a businessman was the only way to go for him, and so he went for it wholeheartedly. 

He started his first business by selling unique and trending products online. It was successful and was more than enough to pay the bills. However, he found that it was not anchored on much stability because it depended on trends which fluctuated very often. He needed to venture into something more solid. 

But as with all things in business, the climb to the top entailed a lot of trial and error. From opening a bakery to trying out photography, Aziz exhausted just about every possibility there was. He even went as far as going back to selling trending products online. Constantly having to shift his focus from his nine to five job and his business ideas, Aziz finally snapped. And so he quit his job and decided to become a fulltime businessman. 

In early 2013, Aziz ventured into manufacturing and put up his own air refresher company. But unfortunately, this move cost him all of his savings and led him to hundreds and thousands of debt. It was an all-time low that sent him on the verge of depression. He had every reason to give up; however, he persisted.

Pumped up to start over, Aziz came across the idea to start a tech company in Silicon Valley. This “eureka” moment dawned on him as he was reading a book telling him that if he wanted to change his life, he had to be willing to move someplace else. And so he did. 

His tech company kicked off with a mobile app that was designed to help boat owners in renting out their vessels to interested individuals. It had the concept of an Airbnb, only that instead of renting out spaces, it was renting out boats. He pitched this idea to a group of investors, and it gave him the big break he had been working for all his life. The ship has finally sailed for Aziz, and it was headed for clearer waters. 

But the journey was far from over for this entrepreneur. Something was telling him that despite being a big hit, the mobile app was not going to make him a millionaire. So he made the tough decision of returning the money he got from his investors and giving e-commerce another try. It was a big risk, but it sure paid off in the end. 

Aziz is now managing several multi-million companies that allowed him to live in his dream neighborhood and drive his dream car. This millionaire’s journey is a testament to just how powerful perseverance and commitment are. He wishes to inspire all aspiring entrepreneurs all over the world. To know more about his story, you may follow him on Instagram and Twitter


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