Nahum Justin Vizakis' Spiritual Bodybuilder: Fitness that Balanc

Nahum Justin Vizakis' Spiritual Bodybuilder: Fitness that Balances the Mind and Body


The path to a better and peaceful life is never easy.

It takes years to happen and a myriad of challenges to overcome before it is achieved, but spiritual bodybuilder Nahum Justin Vizakis makes the process faster and simpler. After all, balanced wellbeing is not just for those seeking the truth and spiritual awakening. It can be the goal of athletes, entrepreneurs, healers, and others with a burning desire to create an improved existence.

Nahum Justin Vizakis is a former MMA fighter, powerlifter, and a competitive bodybuilder. He changes the game as a fitness coach who touches on one’s inner bodily energies. As someone who considers himself as an intuitive empath, he believes in his gift of reading and interpreting energy through astrology and physical touch in the body. So far, Nahum Justin has created a system through his own experience traversing his own ‘Dark Night of the Soul.’ This system is translated into a coaching platform that navigates the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of growth and healing, the Spiritual Bodybuilder.

Spiritual Bodybuilder is a compilation of services and products that aim to do deep healing work for its clients. As a coach, Nahum Justin does this by guiding their believers in facing their triggers and identifying their physiological, psychological, and spiritual characteristics. Essentially, they connect the dots to process the disease in the body and mind. He describes it as “evolving to a higher vibration,” and he facilitates that process to as many people as possible.

Nahum Justin is working on “Uforia,” a product with customized nutrition for each person’s DNA. Combined with the Viome Microbiome Test, it identifies exactly what the body needs and what it has to avoid to optimize balance at the cellular level. He offers the 4-phase coaching protocol, a series of sessions specifically geared towards working with people on an individual basis to clear blockages and understand specific issues that they are dealing with now. Additionally, a feature they have in Spiritual Builder is the “Opportunity Community,” an exclusive platform that allows people to help people in a safe, structured environment. 

As a spiritual coach, Nahum Justin had his first “spiritual awakening” back in 2010 as he was serving in the U.S. Army in Iraq. This encounter forever changed his life as it encouraged him to study with healers, shamans, and mentors from all over the world. He studied at Arizona State University for Psychology but found there was much information missing from that perspective. He looked into astrology, which taught him how to read and interpret energy. Now, he combines all that he learned as he coaches and guides people going through a period of darkness.

Nahum Justin believes that experience is our most excellent teacher if we allow ourselves to receive the lesson. When we do, we discover who we are at the core. He has always had a deep passionate desire to face fears head-on and learn what it is they have to teach me. Fear of death, the unknown, of failure and success -- they all play a part in holding us back and keeping us stuck in survival mode.

Through finding his way through his darkness, he was able to create a system of teaching in Spiritual Bodybuilder. This system facilitates navigating through internal challenges in getting to the root cause of what is holding you back in life while saving time, energy, and suffering. Nahum Justin is humbled and grateful to share this wisdom with others as he guides you to find the light that shines deep within.

What sets Nahum Justin’s coaching apart from the rest is his energy, experience, and charisma. He combines his highly intuitive work in his bodybuilding philosophy. This characteristic is also incorporated into one’s spirituality to create a disciplined, structured, easy-to-navigate system on traversing the ‘Dark Night of the soul.’ As we speak, millions are experiencing this process -- resonating the message of finding a life that every person desires.

Anyone who wants to experience a spiritual awakening, or wants to learn and include it in their fitness goals with Spiritual Bodybuilder can sign up for their spiritual coaching via their website. You can also follow them on Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook.



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