Free, Online Games to Keep You and Your Kids Entertained

Free, Online Games to Keep You and Your Kids Entertained

Free, Online Games to Keep You and Your Kids EntertainedPhoto by Maik Jonietz

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If there has ever been a time where every parent is collectively struggling to keep their kids entertained it is now.

With schools being closed and everyone asked to stay inside, entertaining your kids has become a 24/7 job. Luckily, the internet is a thing, and it is home to a ton of free online games that will occupy much of a child’s time.

To help all of the parents out there struggling to keep their kids occupied, I’ve decided to put together this collection of online games (some of which are candy-inspired). I chose these games because they have helped me maintain order in my home by giving my kids something to do so that they don’t get restless.

So, without further ado, let’s start with…

Gummy Treasure Explorers

Gummy Treasure Explorers is a side-scrolling platformer that tasks the player with figuring out how to reach the treasure chest that is behind a locked door.

I like this game for my kids because it has a decent number of levels for them to work through, and it presents a challenge they have to overcome. Beyond that, it’s a lot of fun to play. I have even found myself playing a couple of levels in my downtime.

Candy Mahjong

Candy Mahjong is a simple matching game, though it does have a bit of a twist.

You have to match 2 tiles, but you can only go for tiles that are unblocked. It takes a bit of getting used to, but once you get the hang of the basics, it’s a pretty fun game.

Ring Pop Pinata Pow

Ring Pop Pinata Pow is a very simple game that any kid can pick up and play, making it the perfect option for younger kids who don’t have a lot of experience with games.

All you have to do is pick a basher (my kids are fond of the energy saber) and bash the pinata until Ring Pop candies fall out. Then you just have to catch the candies as they stream out of the pinata.

Mythical Jewels

Mythical Jewels is another matching game, but it is more simple and straightforward compared to Candy Mahjong.

You have one minute to match either three, four or five of the same colored jewels to pad your score. Can you beat my high score of 6,901?

Catch A Pushy

Catch A Pushy is your basic Whack-A-Mole type of game. Again, this is another game that is perfect for kids (and parents) of all ages.

All you do is just click on the Push Pops as they pop (pun intended) out of their holes. The goal is obvious: get as many points as you can.

Stickman Hook

Stickman Hook is all about trying to get the red stickman over the finish line. The catch is that there is a cool way to do this and a not-so-cool way to do this.

If you can manage to get the momentum right, you can swing from the start of the level all the way to the finish line. If not, then you will have to use the bouncy pads at the bottom of the screen to slowly make your way to the finish line. As you progress in the game, each level gets longer, so you really want to master the art of the hook and swing.

Bazooka Joe Fish

Bazooka Joe Fish is your classic Frogger game that meets a fishing simulator game. The goal is to catch as many fish as you can, but before you can catch your fish, you need to collect your equipment.

You move from logs and boats to grab your net, line, and bait. Once you have these items, you can start catching fish and bringing them to your bucket. Like some of the other games, your goal is to get as high a score as you possibly can.

Don’t Spoil It

Don’t Spoil It is a fast-paced game that is all about finding the largest collection of same-colored creatures.

You do this in order to get the highest score possible with each move you make. It’s a simple point-and-click game, so it’s easy for anyone to pick up and play.

Bazooka Joe’s A-maze-ing Adventure

Bazooka Joe’s A-maze-ing Adventure (I see what they did there) is very similar to the Pac Man games.

Your goal is to clear the maze by eating up all of the pink dots and candy before the monsters get you. It’s a great challenge and provides a lot of fun, especially when you collect the gum power up and turn the tables on the green monsters.

Go Kart Go Ultra!

There’s no better way to add some excitement and exhilaration to your kid’s day than by introducing them to a racing game. One of my kids’ favorite free online racing games is Go Kart Go Ultra!

It’s a pretty simple kart game, similar to the Mario Kart games, where you are racing your opponents and using items that you pick up to give yourself an advantage. One of the best features of this game is that it has a 2-player mode, so you and your kids can play together at the same time.

These 10 games are a great place to start for parents looking to keep their kids occupied and entertained. They have come in handy for me, and I’m confident that your kids will enjoy them.

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