Hit the Road: A Simple Guide on How to Choose the Best RV

Hit the Road: A Simple Guide on How to Choose the Best RV

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Traveling by RV has never been more popular than right now.

When you’re using an RV to get to your destination, traveling is a part of the vacation instead of just a necessary step. This type of travel allows you to see more sights along the way while spending quality time with loved ones.

Or if you’re more in need of some alone time, traveling by RV can give you that kind of solitude.

RV travel can be customized to fit all kinds of vacation needs. The first step to an amazing experience is finding the best RV for you!

Follow our guide to find that just-right fit.

Decide How You’ll Use an RV

There are all kinds of vacations that can be done in an RV. But each require a little different type of RV.

So having a clear understanding of what you’ll be doing and how you’ll be using the RV is important in making the right selection. You don’t want to get out on the road and realize you needed something else. Or you don’t want to overpay for something you won’t use.

The first thing to ask yourself is how far of distances you’re looking to go. It can be helpful to see the types of attractions that are within driving distance of you.

You may be surprised to find that there is a lot you can do closer to home and won’t need a machine built for really long distances.

Another thing you should think about is how many people will typically be traveling with you. Obviously, the number can change for every trip but it will be helpful to know the average amount of people to get the right amount of space.

The last thing you should make sure you figure out before looking is if you’re wanting to have more of a camping experience or have your RV be where you stay. This will make a big difference in the models you look at.

This type of critical look and planning session can really maximize your search, giving you the information to narrow down the field of choices.

Search for Best RV Model for Your Plans

There really are so many RV models available to choose from. Everyone should be able to find the machine that fits their needs and wants and is within their budget.

It just may take a little searching power.

Some of the most common types of RVs are:

  • Towable: these are also known as fifth wheels, they are pulled behind another vehicle. They come in all sizes and luxury levels, the prices vary accordingly.
  • Motorized: the general term for any RV that can be driven on its own. The motorhomes within this category are broken down into three different classes.
  • Campervan: this is a less thought of option for an RV. They are a larger van that’s been converted into a camping space.
  • Travel trailers: these are similar to towable RVs but hook onto their vehicle in a different way. They also come in much smaller versions.

Each of these types of RVs also come in a variety of styles, sizes, and with all kinds of features. But the first step is to choose the type and then look for the specific one after that.

Pick Specific Features

Once you know the type of RV that will work for you, then you can get into the specific features and the RV classes you want in your vehicle.

A class A motorhome is the largest type you can get, they are generally built on a bus frame for size reference. Generally, they are very spacious with enough room for several people to live in for an extended period of time.

They often include a master suite in a pop-out section. Full kitchens with all the appliances needed to feed your group. They can even tow another vehicle behind them.

If that is too much for you and you’re not planning on living in your RV, class B might be a better fit. This type of small RV is the van camper, which is smaller and fits only two people really comfortably.

Though they do have small kitchens and sleeping areas, they are not made for really long stays. But short getaways are perfect.

This type of RV is easier and more affordable to maintain. They also are much more user-friendly and don’t take as much skill to drive.

Class C motorhomes is a mixture of the other two. They are smaller in size but feature a lot of the amenities found in a large class A. This is a great choice for a family who likes to make a lot of trips.

What is available in an RV is always changing and improving. Take a look at some possible features and make a list of what you need, what you want, and what you could do without.

This will really help you feel confident in your decision.

Do Your Research

It’s one thing to look at pictures and a list of features but an entirely other thing to be inside and drive around in the RV.

If at all possible, try to rent the same model with similar features that you are looking at buying. This will give you a much better idea of if it will work for your family before you make that big purchase.

Another helpful research tool is to talk to actual owners and see how they feel about the vehicle. They can give you more honest, real feedback than the dealership.

Get Traveling

More than 10 million households own an RV of some kind, with many of those being their full-time residence.

Finding the best RV for you can improve your overall quality of life and happiness. Once you have your vehicle you are always just a few steps away from a weekend getaway or long vacation.

If you’d like to learn more about local options, check out our other articles!

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