30+ Actually Awesome, Custom Birthday Gifts You Can Order Online

30+ Actually Awesome, Custom Birthday Gifts You Can Order Online

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We understand how important gift-giving is in showing someone how much you care about them.

It can be incredibly difficult to find the right gift for someone’s birthday. Whether it’s a financial issue, a lack of inspiration, or simply not knowing how to express yourself through the act of gift-giving, we’re here to help.

Fortunately, you can accomplish this regardless of your budget. By creating custom birthday gifts for the people in your life, you put more thought and personal energy into the action – which is what’s really important.

Custom Birthday Gifts to Make Someone Feel Cherished

The question we’re here to answer is “What are your options for custom birthday gifts?”

Some of these ideas are relatively inexpensive, if not entirely free. However, for those of you who have money to spend, we have some options for you, too! Keep reading for 33 ideas for custom birthday gifts to inspire joy, love, and friendship.

1. A Personal Framed Photo

One of the greatest inventions in our history is the camera. They provide a way to permanently capture a moment in time with friends and family. They can also serve to memorialize people we’ve lost, meaningful events, and more.

For your loved one’s birthday this year, find one of their favorite photos from their social media account and have it printed out. Then create or buy a personalized frame for the photo to drive home the sentiment.

2. A Paid-In-Full Night Out

Birthdays and gifts aren’t always about things. Maybe this year, instead of spending money on a product, spend it on an experience. A fun night out for you and your loved one can be a great way to make them feel loved and cherished, and create long-lasting memories.

Feel free to make it a party by inviting their closest friends and family members.

3. A Gift Basket Full of Their Favorite Goodies

Most of us have a sweet tooth. Many of us actually have too big of a sweet tooth. However, birthdays are not the time to begrudge an over-indulgence in sweets.

Figure out what your loved one’s favorite goodies are and throw together a gift basket full of their top picks.

4. A Custom Flower Bouget

While flowers have traditionally been gifts designed for women, they’re becoming more gender-neutral as the world progresses and we abandon outdated ideas of what it means to be masculine.

Some of the best custom birthday gifts for men and women are centered around birthday flower bouquets. Find out what your loved one’s favorite flowers are and throw together a uniquely personalized bouquet to brighten up their day.

5. An Artistic Recreation of an Important Photo

Sometimes, drawing or painting of a meaningful photo can add even more sentiment to the image. If you’ve got an artistic talent, use it to recreate your loved one’s favorite photo of them and their family, their pet, the two of you, or a moment in their life that they treasure. And if you don’t have the ability yourself, you can find people on websites like Etsy to do it for you.

6. A Custom-Built Stuffed Animal

We’re never too old for thoughtful stuffed animals. If you want to give your special someone something to hold and hug when you’re not around, design and custom-build a stuffed animal for them. There are plenty of businesses online and locally that will be able to satisfy your needs.

7. A Couple’s Retreat

One of the best custom birthday gifts for a spouse or significant other is a personalized couple’s retreat. Plan a hot-springs get-away or a weekend trip to a cabin. However, make sure you plan in advance to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.

8. A Family Game/Movie Night Gift Basket

For most of us, our family is the most important thing in our lives. Capitalize on this and buy your loved one a family-time gift basket. This can be centered around board games, movies, goodies, and more.

9. A Personalized Gift Box

If you can’t think of anything big to get for the birthday guy or gal, why not get a host of little things. This can help you create a more personalized birthday box for them. You can fill it with their favorite body care products, small gift cards to individual places, goodies, and more.

10. A Pre-Paid Day at the Spa

If you don’t mind forking out a little money, one of the best custom birthday gifts could be a full or half-day at the spa. Make it a date for two so they don’t feel weird about going by themselves.

11. Personalized Liquor Decanter and Glasses

For the man in your life who appreciates a fine glass of whiskey, consider buying them a custom or personalized decanter. You can add some class to the gift by getting them matching glasses.

12. A Relaxation Gift Bag

We live in a stressful society. When we’re not running at full speed pursuing career goals, education, or impossible standards of living, we’re stuck being self-quarantined because of a health crisis. Your gift should encourage and provide the means of some much-needed relaxation.

Throw together a gift bag full of relaxation essentials. This can include scented candles, body scrub, bubble bath, bath bombs, lotions, face masks, and more. Don’t forget the wine.

13. A Customized Personal Care Basket

While we’re talking about personal care products, why not follow that line of thought for more great custom birthday gifts? You can get your loved one their favorite beauty products, perfumes, Colognes, nail polish, a beard-trimmed kit, etc.

14. Pre-Paid Digital Subscriptions

Technology is an amazing thing. We now have the ability to listen to any song or watch any TV show or movie on demand at any time. If your loved one enjoys streaming entertainment, up the ante and pay for a year’s subscription of one of the more prestigious streaming services.

15. Pre-Paid Memberships

Alternatively, one of the best custom birthday gifts may be a membership to a fitness center, rock-climbing gym, sport’s center, yoga class, or more. Hone in on what your loved one is passionate about to make the best choice.

16. A Home-Cooked Meal and Night In

Some people are home-bodies. Right, wrong, or indifferent, some people just prefer the comfort and luxury of their own home. Don’t try to change them, just use it to your advantage.

Prepare a home-cooked meal for them or orchestrate a birthday food delivery. Then, spend the night however they want to (movies, videogames, board games, reading, etc.).

17. A Pre-Paid Delivery Subscription

Speaking of delivery gifts, have you considered paying for a delivery subscription for your loved one? For example, if they’re into working out, you could sign them up for several deliveries of workout gear that they can personalize each month.

18. A Monthly Mystery Box Subscription

However, for something with more of a surprise, mystery box subscriptions make some of the best custom birthday gifts. While it should be catered to their interests, these can include workout clothes, makeup essential, art supplies, products specifically for men, and more.

19. A Personalized Watch

Other great gifts that allow for personalization are wristwatches and pocket watches. These are traditionally more appreciated by men but can be given to women as well. You can pick out a watch and hire a company to engrave it with important dates, names, quotes, etc.

20. Personalized Jewelry

Most women have a preferred style when it comes to jewelry. Figure out what that style is by paying attention to what they wear, snooping, or simply asking them. Then, find personalized jewelry that meets their standards.

21. A Hand-Made Quilt

If you’re handy with a needle and know how to make a quilt, they provide some of the most sentimental custom birthday gifts. You can make a pattern that symbolizes your relationship with them, inlay important events in their life, and more.

22. Personalized Coffee Cups

The majority of Americans drink coffee every single day. Most of them consume more than one cup per day. Since coffee is such a staple of our lives, why not design and order some personalized coffee cups or mugs for your loved one?

23. A Personalized Water Bottle

Speaking of personalized liquid vessels, have you considered buying an eco-friendly reusable water bottle for your loved one to take to work, the gym, or use at home. These are great tools to remind us to drink enough water every day for optimum health and performance.

A customized bottle can add a little flair to your loved one’s water consumption.

24. Gift Cards to Their Favorite Businesses

While some people say gift cards are some of the most unimaginative and impersonal gifts you can give, we disagree. Depending on the person you’re shopping for, they may appreciate custom birthday gifts (like gift cards) that allow them to make their own purchases. These are helpful if the person in question is exceptionally particular about what they buy.

25. Acts of Love

Regardless of what type of relationship they’re in, nearly everyone appreciates acts of love. Acts of love can be completely personalized based on the person. It could be spending an entire day cleaning the house for them, taking the time to bring them coffee at work, or stealing their car for an afternoon to get it washed and detailed.

26. A Customized Coupon Book

One of the most common custom birthday gifts that never go out of style are personalized coupon books. These coupon books can be designed based on your relationship with the birthday gal or girl. For romantic relationships, you can use this idea to improve your intimacy as well.

27. Hand-Knit Winterwear

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, it’s always nice to receive hand-made winter items like hats and gloves. If you’re handy with a knitting needle and yarn, why not spend some time creating some custom winterwear for your loved one?

28. An At-Home Self-Care Kit

For the workaholics in our lives, we can use their birthday as a way to help them initiate some self-care. Build a personalized self-care kit for them that can include an at-home foot-bath, manicure and pedicure kits, face masks, and more.

29. A Hand-Written Letter

Many people argue that technology has somewhat diminished our social skills and intimacy because we’re always texting and messaging. But written messages have been around for thousands of years. However, instead of typing up a nice email or message, take the time to hand-write a letter on nice paper.

Express your feelings to your loved one and tell them how much you admire them. Let them know exactly how important they are in your life.

30. An Assorted Coffee Gift Basket

We already spoke of people’s love of coffee earlier. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that one of the best custom birthday gifts would be a basket full of assorted coffees and coffee essentials. Include random flavors of coffee, different creamers, mugs, and more.

31. Customized Kicks

Most major footwear companies allow certain models of shoes to be completely customizable. From colors and patterns to inscriptions and names, you can personalize your loved one’s favorite shoe style from heel to toe.

32. Personalized Clothing

Along that same line of thought, there are clothing companies online that allow you to upload personalized designs, print them on the clothes of your choosing, and ship them to their destination. Whether it’s an inside joke, a sentimental image, or a declaration of your love, these provide amazing custom birthday gifts.

33. A Book of Memories

Memories are some of the most invaluable things we as humans could ever obtain and possess. Happy memories that can be immortalized through a book of pictures, letters, movie receipts, concert tickets, and other memorabilia serve as amazing custom birthday gifts. Your loved one will cherish this gift for the rest of their life.

Looking for More News and Advice?

No matter how much money you spend or how creative you get coming up with custom birthday gifts, one thing remains true – it’s always the thought that counts.

The most important thing about your loved one’s birthday is the celebration of your relationship with them. Make sure they know that.

And if you’re looking for more news, information, ideas, or advice, be sure to check out some of our other articles before you go. Good luck with the birthday gifts!

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