List of the Best Security Bars for Doors

List of the Best Security Bars for Doors

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Do you have trouble sleeping at night as you think about your residence or business being broken into by burglars? Do you live in an area where burglaries are frequent crimes? Then you should consider investing in a security bar.

According to a survey of 86 imprisoned burglars, the majority chose to break-in through an unlocked front door or window. Of these, some chose to break the door open because the sound drew less attention than broken glass.

These bars will give you the peace of mind and protection you need to guard against forced entry. Even better, security bars for doors are easy to use.

Read on to learn all about the benefits of door security bars and our top picks for the best ones on the market today!

What is a Security Bar?

You may be wondering how a door security bar differs from conventional door locks and why it’s better.

Have you ever seen characters in movies jam chairs against doors to keep an intruder out? Simply put, door security bars serve the same purpose.

They are metal tubes that are meant to be jammed against any kind of door in the event of an emergency. However, compared with chairs or other pieces of furniture, security bars are far more secure.

Deadbolts and latch bolts are still an important way to keep your residence or business secure. The effectiveness of your deadbolt depends on how long it is and how secure the strike plate is, or the alcove where the deadbolt inserts itself when you lock the door.

The issue with deadbolts is that if someone is kicking or striking at your door, it’s up to the strength of the deadbolt itself to keep you secure. Door security bars, on the other hand, have strength as well as physics on their side.

The Benefits of Security Bars for Doors

The greatest benefit of security bars is their ability to utilize physics to keep you safe. When you have a security bar braced against your door, the force of any kicks travels through the door before it’s intercepted by the security bar.

Since the security bar is against the floor as well as the door, it takes any force applied to it and shifts it downward. Remember that security bars aren’t impervious if a burglar is determined to break into your home.

However, with the strength and the physics of both a deadbolt and a security bar combined, this will buy you precious time to contact authorities and retreat to a safe space in the event of a break-in.

Security bars for doors are also good deterrents. According to the Metropolitan police, burglars as opportunistic. They don’t want to be seen and heard. Even if they know there are valuables in your home, they are usually dissuaded by doors or windows that aren’t easy to force open.

The Best Security Bars for Doors

Now that you know how security bars for doors work and they’re benefits, what are the best ones you can buy today? Here’s a list to get you started.

1. Wedge Door Stop Security Alarm

The Wedge Door Stop Security Alarm is an affordable and easy way to add extra protection to your front door. After wedging these beneath your front door, the high dampening rubber at the bottom keeps burglars from opening your door easily.

However, its most unique feature is its alarm system that comes in three sensitivity levels. These high, medium, and low settings make the door stop either more or less sensitive to movement. Once the door stop is activated by the motivated, it lets out a 120db alarm that’s meant to scare away burglars before they step inside.

This inexpensive door stop is great for renters who can’t install any additional hardware in their house or apartment. Since they’re compact or lightweight, these door stoppers are also great to travel with for extra security at hotels or areas that you’re unfamiliar with.

2. Wedget Door Security Bar

The Wedget Door Security Bar is another inexpensive and easy-to-use option that doesn’t require any tools to use. Its best use is for single-hung, sliding windows and sliding glass patio doors. This bar is adjustable 15 to 25 inches. Even better, it can handle up to 450 pounds of pressure.

Along with keeping burglars out, these kinds of security bars are a good investment if you have young children that know how to open your sliding glass doors and windows.

Many Amazon reviewers are impressed by the care and customer service that the company brings. They found that their problems were quickly resolved if they found defects. The President of the company personally called some customers to discuss any issues they had.

3. Rampart Front Door Barricade

The Rampart: Ultimate Front Door Security Bar is your best choice for front door security. This is because it’s a durable brace to place against your door that uses physics to displace and weaken force applied to a door by intruders.

Many floor braces are difficult to use when you’re dealing with different floor surfaces such as carpet, wood, and tile. The Rampart is unique in that it uses a certain kind of rubber that is able to grip onto all kinds of surfaces in the event that someone is trying to push your door open.

Another unique aspect of the Rampart is that it’s light at only one pound but also very durable. This enables you to engage the Rampart easily and quickly in the case of an intruder. If you need to evacuate the area, the Rampart can just as easily be disengaged.

The Rampart is made of 3030 aluminum extrusion that’s manufactured into two interlocking pieces. You won’t experience any “slippage” of those pieces while the Rampart is being used because they’re locked with a slide-through pin.

Factors to Consider

As you’re deciding what product to invest in for your security, consider these factors so that you make the most informed choice you can:

1. Durability

You want to make sure that the material the door stop or bar is made out of durable material that can last for several years. Check out the “details” page when you’re on a product’s web page. If you can’t find information, make sure to contact their customer service department.

2. Adjustability

Adjustability is important because all doors and windows are created differently. For door security bars, you need to be able to jam the bar near the doorknob. The doorknob height varies, and you want to make sure the fit is tight and secure.

This is the same for patio screen doors and sliding windows. Width and height often vary, and if your bar is too small you won’t get the security you need.

3. Safety

What is the bottom of your security bar or door jam made out of? Is it made of non-skid material? You’ll also want to ensure that the padding won’t damage your floors. You’ll also want to consider how heavy the security device is and if you’ll be able to use it in times of emergencies.

Consider if a burglar comes to your home when your security bar isn’t in place–is it light and easy enough for you to deploy quickly?

4. Cost

Of course, you’ll want to have a budget in mind when you’re planning on investing in security measures. If you don’t have a high budget now, focus on low-cost alternatives that will be able to last long enough for you to save up.

Compare the price with the material used. Remember to read both positive and negative product reviews so that you have a good understanding of the product’s overall quality.

More Ways to Protect Yourself

Now that you know of all the best products out there to use for your door and window protection, it’s important that you know of some more ways to keep yourself secure. Many of the best ways to combat burglars is to deter them before they even get the idea of breaking-in and robbing you.

1. Lock Your Windows and Doors

This may seem like a simple thing, but getting into the habit of regularly locking your windows and doors will keep you from becoming an easy target. In a profile of an average burglar, most are male under 25 years old. These aren’t smooth criminals–they’re just looking for an easy score.

2. Update Locks

If you’ve just moved into your new home or rental, it’s smart to check your locks to ensure they’re all working correctly and aren’t damaged. You’ll want to make sure all of your doors have ANSI Grade 1 or Grade 2 deadbolts. Remember that older locks may not be as strong and can also be prone to tampering.

3. Motion-Sensing Lights

Motion-sensing lights are typically an inexpensive way to quickly dissuade potential burglars. You can either purchase motion-detecting lightbulbs for your existing exterior light fixtures or invest in a motion-detecting adapter. Either way, a motion-detecting light will make people sneaking around your property visible, and they’ll be far less likely to take a chance of getting caught.

4. Smart Hide-a-Key Placements

Many of us, either now or growing up, are used to placing a spare key under a rock, welcome mat, or flower pot in the chance that you’ll get locked out. Although this saves you the time and expense of calling a locksmith, these are unfortunately common places to hide a key that most burglars are aware of.

Instead, have a family member or a trusted friend who lives nearby to keep a spare key for you. You can also choose more creative places to hide your key–just make sure that passerby won’t see you hide it.

For extra security, consider investing in a combination lock-box that’s small enough to hide. Realtors often use these lockboxes to show vacant houses–take a page out of their book and use it for the spare key of your own home.

5. Hide Valuables

Last but not least, you’ll want to use some common sense and make sure your valuables are out of sight from large windows or patio doors. This means not laying your jewelry on tables in front of windows and instead keeping them in a drawer or an opposite corner of your room.

This is also necessary if you have an office with a desktop computer, cameras, and other electronics laying around. Burglars commonly steal lightweight items that are easy to carry with them. Be sure that your windows have curtains or other kinds of window treatments that will keep your expensive electronics away from immediate view.

Protecting Yourself and Your Family with Security Bars

It’s often hard to imagine that events such as burglary can happen to us or our loved ones. If we’re one of the lucky ones, these seem to be scenarios that only happen to people far removed from us that we hear about in the news. We also don’t want to become paranoid and disrupt our daily lives out of fear of break-ins.

However, there’s a way to be mindful of your own protection while avoiding the disruption that paranoia brings. By investing in a few simple tools such as lights, alarms, and security bars for doors, you’ll be deterring potential burglars. Even better, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that a well-protected home brings.

Ready to read more ways about how to protect yourself and your family? Keep reading our blog for more informative tips, tricks, and articles!

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