Why You Should Charter a Private Jet

Why You Should Charter a Private Jet

Why You Should Charter a Private JetPhoto by Chris Leipelt

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Let’s take a one-way flight from New York to Los Angeles. Flying first-class, it’ll cost you about $1,000, depending on the airline and route.

Conversely, the same flight with a private jet will set you back by over $4,000. At a glance, the extra luxury of having a whole plane to yourself doesn’t seem to justify the cost.

So, why should you book a private jet?

It all comes down to convenience, comfort, and time-saving (which equals saving money).

7 Top Reasons You Should Always Book a Private Jet

When chartering a private jet, it’ll tailor the whole flight just for you. Here are some of the benefits that come with it.

1. Minimal Time on the Ground

With a private charter, time savings start on your way to the airport. Generally, private jets are smaller. As such, they don’t need large runways to take off, and that eliminates the need for a major airport.

Since small airports significantly outnumber major ones, you won’t need to travel far to take your flight. And when you get there, it’ll be far less congested than a commercial airport, and that means no long queues. That’s time, aggravation, and money saved.

Additionally, you can land closer to your destination since your aircraft can land on small airports and airstrips. This eliminates the need for a long drive from the airport to your destination. You’ll also have your entire luggage loaded right into your vehicle. That way, you won’t waste any of your precious time at the baggage carousel.

2. Onboard Privacy to Get More Work Done

Since you have more personal space and fewer distractions, it’s easier to work in the air when flying private.

It’s also easier to hold confidential meetings over video calls or in-person with your business partners. You can’t have this much privacy with business and first-class flights.

3. Utmost Convenience

This is one of the main reasons celebrities, dignitaries, and business people love to fly private. With a chartered jet, you have complete control of your flight time. Your service provider adjusts to your schedule – and not the other way round. So, if you’re running late to the airport, all you need to do is to notify the crew and they’ll put the take-off on hold until you arrive.

Additionally, you get to choose who you share your flight with since you have the whole plane to yourself. The same convenience extends to the finer details of your flight, including things like when and what to eat/drink, who makes your food, where you land, and so on.

4. Faster, More Direct Flights

Private jets don’t use the same routes and hubs as commercial airlines. Since you’ll be the only passenger, your aircraft will fly directly to your destination, saving a lot of time.

Also, private jets typically climb faster than commercial airliners, so they get above crummy weather quicker. They also fly higher than the standard 38,000 feet for commercial aircraft, and this allows them to avoid traffic and use more direct routes.

5. Comfort and Luxury

Chartering a private jet means comfortable and luxurious flying. You’ll enjoy a classy custom interior decor, a fully-stocked kitchen, luxurious lounges, comfortable recliner seats, well-stuffed sofas, a full-sized bedroom, and a fully-equipped entertainment system.

Whether you want to take a nap or watch your favorite movie, you’ll have everything you need within your reach. And if you prefer streaming, there are inflight Wi-Fi and premium subscriptions to all popular streaming services.

Moreover, you have complete control of your cabin environment. You can adjust your lighting, temperature, AC, and general ambiance as per your preferences.

6. Accommodation for Your Pet

When flying commercial, having your furry friend spend a long flight in the cargo area can trigger lots of anxiety for both of you.

Worse still, you may not be able to bring them along because some airlines don’t allow pets. If you’re lucky enough to get your pet on board, you’ll be charged ridiculous sums and have a lot of restrictions put on you.

With a private jet, all that hassle goes away. As long as you provide the necessary documents and vaccination details, you can have your pet sitting right next to you, enjoying the same level of luxury and comfort.

7. Safety and Confidentiality

For private jets, safety doesn’t just mean taking to the skies and landing in one piece. While that’s a top priority, there’s also an emphasis on protecting your confidentiality and discretion. This is particularly important for high-profile individuals who don’t want to disclose their locations and activities.

Charter a Private Jet Stress-Free With Ritzy Jet

At Ritzy Jet, we understand that flying private is all about personalization, convenience, and saving time. With that in mind, we’ve made it super easy to book private jet charter services to any destination through our website in a matter of minutes.

Our dedicated 24/7 team will offer you several options to choose from, depending on your needs, wants, and destination. We can help you find flights to over 40,000 locations around the world. Enjoy the Ritzy Jet advantage and fly beyond the ordinary.

You can book online from our site or contact us if you need any help or have inquiries.

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