Tips To Make New Windows Affordable in San Diego

Tips To Make New Windows Affordable in San Diego

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Purchasing new windows is an investment. When you look at how much these investments return by purchasing them, it makes the feeling of buying new windows a little more affordable. The initial quote will seem expensive. High-quality windows do not come cheap, but considering the host of benefits that will come your way as a result of the new replacement windows, the cost is not so high after all. In this article, we’ll cover the most important tips that make new windows affordable.

Reduced Energy Bills

Most older windows are poor insulators of heat, especially if they only have a single glass pane. Experts estimate that 70% of the energy loss in the home occurs through the doors and windows. 90% of the energy lost through the window goes through the glass. New replacement windows in San Diego reduce this loss by utilizing double or even triple-pane glass.

As the names rightly suggest, the windows contain two and three glass panes, respectively. Between the panes, there’s an air pocket which slows down the transfer of heat. For even higher efficiency, this space is filled with inert gas, most commonly krypton or argon. The gases have a higher density than air and consequently, higher insulating abilities. During summer, the glass keeps out the heat. During winter, it keeps in the indoor warmth, so HVAC has an easier time maintaining a steady temperature while using less power.

New windows reduce energy consumption by up to 18% during summer and up to 24% during winter. The margin is even higher with triple-pane windows. With lower energy bills from the moment you install your new replacement windows, you can begin to recoup your initial investment.

For a significant effect on your energy bills, replace all the windows in one go. If you only replace some while keeping others with poor insulation, the net effect will be compromised. If you’re not in a position to replace all the windows at once, perhaps due to the cost or any other reason, start with the rooms where you spend most of your time. The kitchen and the living room should be a priority here. With every additional room you fit with new windows, you will notice a corresponding difference in the energy bill.

Don’t sit back and assume that the cost of a comprehensive window replacement is beyond your reach. There are affordable windows in San Diego that you can install without breaking the bank, and begin enjoying these and other benefits.

Increase the Lifespan of the Air Conditioning System

As we already stated, good replacement windows ensure the heat is kept out during summer and kept in during winter. Once you set the air conditioner to the appropriate heat level, it is quickly attained and maintained. With poor insulation, the levels fluctuate rapidly, giving the system extra work. Just like any overworked machine, it is bound to break down sooner or later. You will then have to contend with additional maintenance costs, not to mention the inconvenience of having the system break down when you need it the most.

HVAC repairs do not come cheap. Fixing a seemingly minor fault can cost a significant amount of money. The constantly overburdened system will eventually cease to work, and you’ll be forced to install an entirely new system, which only brings you back to square one. With new energy-efficient replacement windows in San Diego, your air conditioner will be working at its optimum, with minimal maintenance costs, thus a longer life span. You’ll get to save the money that you previously spent on constant AC repairs and replacements.

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Less Condensation

Due to their compromised insulation properties, most old windows are prone to condensation. This form of condensation takes place when warm air comes into contact with the cold windowpane surface. During summer, the fog forms on the outside, while in winter, it builds on the inside. In the short term, such fog reduces the amount of light getting into the house and obstructs your view of the outdoors. It also affects the aesthetics of the windows.

How about wiping away the fog? How hard can it get? While wiping windows is not exactly a daunting task, having to do it so often is simply an inconvenience. Consider those parts of a window that you can’t reach easily, so you have to use a ladder, especially on the outside. Even after you’re done, the fog immediately forms again due to the temperature difference.

Moreover, the mist eventually accumulates into water droplets, which then trickle to the window frame or even all the way to the floor. While you can ignore the earlier mentioned effects of condensation, this one is more critical. Exposing the window frame, especially if it’s wooden, to constant moisture results in water retention, which inevitably leads to damage – rot, mold, swelling, warping – you name it. Other than being unsightly, window frames with a compromised seal are likely to leak, making air conditioning problematic. You can get rid of all this hassle and the resulting losses by installing new replacement windows.

Improved Security

Up to 70% of intruders access the house through the windows. By securing your windows, you will be reducing the chances of a break-in by a significant margin, thus protecting your loved ones as well as your valuables. Older windows usually become weak after years of wear and tear, so they’re easy to break. The new replacement windows in San Diego are not only stronger but employ a host of modern, sophisticated security features that are nearly impossible to circumvent:

Modern locks are sturdy and difficult to interfere with, making your home that much safer.

? Keyed locks are opened and closed with a key.

? Pin locks prevent outsiders from lifting your window and are highly recommended for the ground floor.

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? Hinged wedge locks are used for double-hung windows. This type of window can be opened either from the top or from the bottom. The lock is adjustable to allow partial opening of the window for ventilation, while still keeping the intruders out.

? Sash locks are used for both single-hung and double-hung windows to keep the individual sashes in place.


Most glass is easy to break, so you can have your new windows provide an extra barrier in the form of window bars. An intruder wants a quick entry and exit. The idea of squeezing in between the bars, if possible in the first place, is highly discouraged. The would-be intruder will abandon the mission entirely, or significantly increase the chances of getting caught, either in person or captured by the security cameras. It’s important to note that window bars don’t have to be dull and lifeless; they can include decorative features that add to the overall elegance of your home.

Tempered Glass

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If you want to prevent your window panes from being smashed into pieces , you can use tempered glass, which is up to four times stronger compared to the regular annealed glass. During production, glass is taken through multiple heating and cooling phases to increase its strength. The resultant safety windows take more time and effort to break.

Should they eventually break, they crumble instead of shattering into jagged pieces, just as car windows and windshields. The glass can crumble and still not disintegrate, which also makes things significantly more difficult for any intruder.

Window Sensors

These are small units, mostly wireless, that raise an alarm when there’s an attempt to force the window open. Using an adhesive, the primary sensor is attached to the window frame while the smaller piece is attached to the window pane. When the window is closed, the two gadgets remain parallel. When the window is opened, the two pieces are pulled apart, breaking the circuit and triggering the alarm.

Do you have to fix window sensors on every new replacement window in your San Diego home? Not necessarily. While arming every window with a sensor will give you maximum security, it may not be possible due to the financial implications. Concentrate on ground floor windows that are easily accessible by an intruder. Window sensors complement the security system of the home, so once you learn that there has been an attempted entry, you can scrutinize the surveillance system for details.


If you’re in a position to invest more, you can opt for plexiglass windows. Despite the name, plexiglass is actually made from acrylic, which has ten times higher resistance compared to the regular glass. Plexiglass windows are nearly impossible to break by normal means. Again, you do not have to fix this glass on every window. Prioritize the vulnerable windows that are easily accessible.

These are just some of the security features that you stand to benefit from when you choose to invest in new windows San Diego. The value of the items in your home is way higher than the cost of replacing windows, after all. There’s also the peace of mind when you know that intruders don’t stand a chance. High-security windows are definitely worth the investment as they assure comprehensive protection for your family and your prized possessions.

Increase Resale Value of the Home

If you’re looking to sell your San Diego home, replacing your windows is one modification that will give you a significant advantage in the market. According to real estate experts, a window replacement project can return up to 70% of its value upon resale. What makes a house with new windows so attractive? Consider all the benefits that we’ve outlined above: energy efficiency, extended HVAC system lifespan, reduced condensation, and improved security. Additional attributes that will make potential buyers ready to pay more include:

Your new replacement windows may not have all of these attributes, but a cross-section of them. If you’re planning a window replacement, discuss these elements with your contractor beforehand. Each one of them increases the asking price of your home and gives the buyer a better value for their money.

? Curb appeal grabs the attention of potential buyers even before they set foot inside. A set of new, stylish windows spell class and elegance. A visually appealing home stands out and readily arouses interest.

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? Ease of maintenance, especially when it comes to cleaning. New windows are easy to clean, saving your time and ensuring that dust and allergens are kept out of your home. The repairs are also minimized, unlike old windows where you’re constantly dealing with one defect or the other.

? Insulation against noise, which is essential if the house is located in a busy neighborhood. Soundproof windows turn your home to an oasis of peace and quiet. Among other things, double and triple-pane windows also keep the noise out exceptionally well.

? New, clear glass lets in the light, making the house appear spacious and cozy.

? UV protection keeps your interior from fading. The dense gas that is incorporated in double and triple pane windows blocks out the harmful UV rays and acts like a sunscreen for your San Diego home.

We hope that this information has helped make things clearer about the benefits of new window replacement, San Diego, and has convinced you that it’s a worthy investment. Don’t sit back and assume that the cost of the project is beyond your reach. Remember, as you wait, you continue to incur high energy bills, which consume the very money you’re trying to save. There are affordable windows in San Diego, which you can acquire without breaking the bank. Window replacement is an investment, not a liability, so all these benefits should not pass you by.


Have you already managed to install new windows? What was your experience? Feel free to pass this information on to your friends and family as well as our name for a referral bonus check if they purchase products with installation from US Window & Door. Don’t let a quote intimidate you; engage the experts today so you can come up with a custom plan that works best for your home.

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