7 Types of Hunting Knives You Need in Your Arsenal This Year

7 Types of Hunting Knives You Need in Your Arsenal This Year


Hunting Knife

Hunting looked a little different back in cavemen times.

Catching and killing your evening meal was once a matter of spears and stamina.

Things have got a bit more technical- and expensive- since then. Indeed, the average hunter in the US now spends around $2,500 on their craft every year.

They’re kitted out with the latest rifles, bows, packs, boots, and binoculars. And we don’t blame them. Having all the necessary equipment makes hunting safer, more enjoyable, and, ultimately, more successful.

A knife is one tool of particular importance in the hunters’ arsenal.

Alas, the different types of hunting knives out there can make it difficult to choose one. Picking the right knife is a matter of both need and personal preference. But to do it, you first need to know your options. Want to learn more?

Read on to discover 7 awesome knives to consider for your next hunting trip.

1. Camp Knife

Looking for the perfect hunting all-rounder?

Well, the camp knife has you covered. In fact, when you form a mental picture of a hunting knife, this is probably what comes to mind.

Anybody looking to invest in a single knife would do well with this one.

It’s designed to perform most of the specific roles of other knives on this list. Sure, it might not be quite as effective at it, but it saves you carrying a complete knife kit in your pack.

That impressive versatility is largely to do with its characteristic larger drop point. A camp knife will come in handy for everything from splitting kindling to skinning a kill.

2. Machete

The machete is another example of a versatile knife.

This time, though, you’re looking at one that’s significantly greater in size. Used as a knife or an ax, machetes are used all over the world for different purposes and in varying outdoor environments.

The weight and size of the blade mean you can chop, cut, and slice, making it another handy blade to have on a hunt. Of course, finer knife-work such as filleting and caping will be more difficult.

However, a machete would be ideal for anybody working their way through thick scrub.

Few hunting knives rival the ability of machetes to clear a path. That’s good news when you’re working your way to a hidden fishing hole or forming a shooting lane for yourself.

3. Boning Knife

You’re unlikely to keep a machete in the kitchen.

But, you might have a boning knife! These blades are common pieces of culinary equipment that can be put to work in the wild as well.

The stiff, narrow blade coupled with a sharp point makes it perfect for deboning carcasses. Strip the meat from the bone with ease with a boning knife in your bag.

Even better, you might not even have to buy one! A quick dig around in your kitchen drawers might reveal all the knife you need.

4. Bowie Knife

The Bowie knife gets its name from its inventor: Jim Bowie.

Bowie’s a bit of an American legend. A frontiersman, he took it upon himself to remodel the knives at his disposal. The Bowie knife that resulted from his efforts grew in popularity and eventually became a hunting staple between the 19th and 20th centuries.

As you can tell, this knife has some history to it.

With a double-edged tip, clip point and crossguard, the Bowie knife is a good all-rounder that’s perfect for piercing, butchering, and skinning.

It’s also a quality option for survival situations where your personal safety is in danger. Whether you’re being charged by a boar or threatened by a snake, the Bowie’s got you sorted.

5. Fillet Knife

The fillet knife shares similarities with a boning knife.

You’ve got a long, narrow blade leading down to a sharp point. However, one feature that sets fillet knives apart is its capacity for skinning.

In fact, most people associated these knives with fishing; the blade design makes it ideal for deskinning fishes. However, there’s no need to stop there. These knives function just as impressively on any animal you need to debone or deskin.

An added bonus is the extended cutting surface. This should reduce the frequency with which you need to sharpen the blade.

6. Caping Knife

All trophy hunters need a quality caping knife.

This is the blade that’ll allow you to skin the neck and head while preserving the detail. It’s grizzly work, but essential if you want the trophy.

Needless to say, you need real precision for this particular skinning process. The areas around the face and neck are fiddly, to say the least. The shorter blade of a caping knife makes that possible.

7. Buck Knife

Buck knives are another classic of the hunting world.

Shirking the status quo, they shift from a fixed blade to a folding one. Think of the classic pocket knife and the image will be akin to that of a buck.

These knives skyrocketed in popularity from their conception in the swinging sixties. In fact, they became so popular that many everyday people now own buck knives – even if they don’t hunt.

You might balk at the idea of taking a folding knife out hunting.

It’s true that the strength of the blade isn’t as high. However, it’s still more than adequate for the hunting jobs at hand. Better still, the portable nature makes it a practical hunting tool to carry on your person.

Overall, you can’t go too far wrong with a buck knife in your backpack.

Try These Different Types of Hunting Knives

People spend huge sums of money on their hunting gear every year.

After all, times have changed since the good old days. Nowadays, there’s a mass of equipment out there to help you have a successful hunt.

Of all the gear to get your hands on, a knife is one of the most fundamental. Hopefully, this post has provided the information required to help you understand all the different types of hunting knives you might need.

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