How to Instill Business Ethics in Today's Marketplace: An interv

How to Instill Business Ethics in Today's Marketplace: An interview with Heider College of Business Dean Anthony Hendrickson PhD


Today's Marketplace host Jane King sits down with Anthony Hendrickson PhD, Dean of the Heider College of Business at Creighton University. 

Jane King: I want to talk about business ethics. How do you prepare students to go into the business environment and be confident that they'll be able to make ethical decisions? 

Anthony Hendrickson PhD: I think, one of the things is it starts with bridging the gap between real business practice and what happens to the classroom and that starts with faculty leads into our curriculum. So I think factly need to have some real business experience and they need to have credentials that industry understands not just her academic credentials. So our faculty have over 500 years of business experience and if you look at our finance faculty members they are all CFA charger holders in addition to cover PhD’s.

But then it extends into our curriculum, we want curriculum to be real world and not just text book, so we have a portfolio practicum class which students actually manage $5 million of the Universities’ endowment. That's important because now they have to report to a investment committee of the board and and have to justify why did I buy the Home Depot (stock), because I shop there… no because of some logical business reason.  So I think as you tie that the business directly then there able to make really sound ethical decisions instead of just text book answers.

Jane King: But you know you hit a market rough patch, or you can go in with the best of intentions but the pressure for profits sometimes is so intense especially for a public company. Wouldn’t you agree? How do you navigate that?

Anthony Hendrickson PhD:  Yes it's really about people anchoring there core values. One of the things we talk to students about and the tagline we have his “integrity before profits”. Really emphasizing that, you have to understand who you are and to be focused on others. As a Jesuit institution one of our key values is men and women for and with others. It is really about developing empathy for others, for your customers, your subordinates, your boss, your colleagues your customers… putting yourself in someone else's shoes.

Jane King: Ethical business really starts at the top and works its way down. Wouldn't you agree?

Anthony Hendrickson PhD:  … 

WATCH the video to hear the entire interview as Jane King and Dean Hendrickson discuss why instilling ethics in business students is important for the future of investor and consumer confidence in today’s marketplace. 

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