How to weave a lattice top for pies

How to weave a lattice top for pies

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A woven lattice is one the prettiest looking ways to top a pie, and is especially good for juicy fruit and berry pies, where you want to have a crust on top, but you want the steam to be able to escape while it's baking. Though it may look fancy, it's easy to quickly make a lattice top when you follow this simple weaving technique.


Pie crust
A sharp knife or pizza cutter


Once your pie filling is reading for topping roll out your dough till it's about ¼ inch thick, and then slice it into 1-inch strips using a pizza wheel or a sharp knife. For a 9-inch pie, you'll need about 12 strips.

Starting at the center, remove every other strip of dough, and drape them over the top of the filling, placing each about half an inch apart. Then, gently fold every other strip back on itself, a little past the center. Take the longest strip remaining, and lay it perpendicular to the first layer, right across the center. Replace the folded back strips down on top of the new strip, pulling every other strip back over the top as you go. Down, and over, down and over. Lay another strip next to the center one, and fold every other strip down and over again. Repeat until the first half is covered. See that nice woven pattern starting to take shape! Then turn to the other side of the pie, and fold every other strip back, weaving in the remaining strips just like you did on the first half.

Pinch off any excess dough hanging off the sides, and then crimp the dough together, making sure the top crust is well sealed into the bottom crust. I like to press the dough with a fork for a decorative pattern.

For a nice shiny finish, brush the lattice with milk or egg, and sprinkle with a little sugar, then it's ready to bake!

To see this method step by step, check out a video of the process here.


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