Survive wedding season on a budget

Survive wedding season on a budget

Updated: July 16, 2013 04:50 PM
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By Aly Walansky

Completely You 

Summer -- the season of love, flora and lots of weddings. Many of us spend our summer traveling from wedding to wedding, and this celebration of love and life can get very expensive.

Here's a few tips on how to survive the wedding season and emerge with your budget intact:

1. Never feel like you need to wear a new dress to each wedding, especially if they involve different groups of friends.

Invest in a great little black dress. Change up your look with different accessories, and each occasion will feel fresh.

2.  There are many alternatives to buying a new dress.

Scour the racks at thrift shops for fun finds. Also, renting is super popular these days! Rent the Runway is affordable and has fabulous deals. Or keep it in the family! If your best friend or sister is your size, do a quick swap.

But, if buying a new dress is unavoidable, set a strict budget and stick to it! Keep in mind additional costs such as hair, makeup and nails.

3. Consider gel manicures.

If you are going to be headed to engagement parties, rehearsal dinners and weddings every weekend, you might as well have a manicure that will last you for several weeks' worth of occasions!

4. Wear sexy but "just sensible enough" shoes.

A new pair of stilettos may be tempting, but not only will they cost a pretty penny, they also won't be broken in, making a night of dancing and chatting around cocktail tables, more painful than it has to be. Opt for your favorite pair of heels, in this case, the more times you've worn them, the better!

    Aly Walansky is Completely You's beauty and lifestyle blogger. She also blogs at her own blog, A Little Aly-tude, and writes about beauty, fashion and travel. Her work has appeared on many websites, including and

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