Pasta Carbonara

Pasta Carbonara

Recipe from Gino Federici of Grand Ledge, Mich.

Total Time: 15 minutes

6 ounces of Spaghetti (Carbonara is better with Spaghetti)
4 egg yolks
6 strips of bacon (or more if you like)
8 teaspoons of Parmesan cheese
Oil, salt & Pepper to taste
Fresh Basil

1. Cut the bacon into small pieces, fry, drain on paper towel. Set aside.

2. In a bowl beat the egg yolks and add (2) teaspoons of Parmesan cheese and pepper to personal taste.

3. In a frying pan pour in 2 tablespoons of olive oil and add some bacon grease for flavor (a couple of tablespoons).

4. Cook the pasta in plenty of water, with 1 tablespoon of salt. Cook the pasta "al dente". Pasta must be slightly hard under the tooth.

5. Start to heat the pan with the oil in it. Drain the spaghetti. Heat the pan with the olive oil and bacon grease until very warm. You want to get a little sizzle when you put the cooked pasta in. Be careful of splatters, water in the hot oil. Put cooked pasta in pan with oil. Mix well so that the pasta is hot and coated with the oil/bacon grease mixture. Immediately pour the pasta into the bowl that has the beaten egg yolks. Do not pour the egg into the pan with the pasta because you will have scrambled eggs with your spaghetti.

6. Add another (2) teaspoons of Parmesan and the bacon, and mix well. Serve in hot plates.

7. Garnish the pasta with hand shredded basil and place a twig of basil on the side of the plate for presentation. Pour another teaspoon of Parmesan on top of the pasta and present.

Servings: 2
Comments: See the presentation at

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