Do You Remember the First...

Do You Remember the First...

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On the Newlywed Game, men were asked questions about their wife’s preferences, then his answers were compared with her actual answers - and vice versa.

How well do you remember the first time you and your mate did a variety of things? Print off two copies of this quiz, and write your answers beside the questions. Then trade papers and see who answered correctly - award one point to each correct answer. The player with the most points has the best memory.

Beware- this may spark laughter, playful arguments and reminiscing. At the end, why not sit down with a calendar and make plans to celebrate a few of these "Firsts" every year!

  1. What was the first thing you said to each other?

  2. What color shirt was he wearing when you met?

  3. What was the first meal you ate with each other?

  4. Where were you the first time you said "I Love You"?

  5. On your first date, was she wearing pants or a skirt/dress?

  6. Who initiated the first kiss?

  7. What was the first event you celebrated?

  8. What was the first holiday you spent together?

  9. Use one word to describe how you felt the first time you met your significant other’s friends and family.

  10. How long were you together before you took your first trip together?
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