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The Top Chicago Jewelry Buyer

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The Best Ways to Dispose of Old Drugs and Beauty Products

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Cash in Quickly When You Sell Estate Jewelry in Chicago

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The Best Nighttime Skin Routine for Women Over 40

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The 6 Most Iconic Celebrities in Fashion History

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Women’s Fashion Sneaker Trends of 2020

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5 Best Jars and Glass Bottles for Beard Oil Products

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8 Common mistakes in skin care and how to avoid them

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10 Hottest Short Haircuts You Should Not Miss This Season

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What Is The Best Dorm Apartment Security Alarm Kit?

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Why You Need Security On Your Wedding Day

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The Window Frames of the Soul: 7 Gorgeous Eyewear Trends

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3 Secrets on How to Pick a Hair Color for Your Wishy-Washy Client

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What’s the Difference Between Silver and Sterling Silver?

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The Different Engagement Ring Styles Explained

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5 Ways a Beauty Pageant Highly Improves Personal Growth for Women

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Prince Inspired “Purple Rain” Makeup Look by Minneapolis Beauty Agency

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Streetwear Essentials: 5 Creatively Crafted Wardrobe Items for Meticulous Men

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Only the Bold would launch right now

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Top 10 Watches for Mother’s Day

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5 Amazing Stock Market Gifts You Did Not Know About

Photo by M. B. M.Originally Posted On: Are you looking for the ideal gift for the man or woman in your life who lives and breathes... More>>

12 DIY Hair Masks

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How to Afford an Engagement Ring Without Going Completely Broke

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Seasonal Guide to Stock Market Apparel and Accessories

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How to Choose the Best Shirt Material

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How To Get Curly Hair For Black Men

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How To Get Waves: The Ultimate Guide To 360 Waves

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The Latest Spring Jewelry Trends That Will Be Everywhere This Year

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The Different Types of Silver to Know About Before Buying Jewelry

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Vitamins for Stronger Hair: 8 Big Benefits of Using Hair Vitamins

Want to keep your hair looking as healthy as possible at all times? There are so many different things you can do to maintain it. For example, you can get into the habit of combing and trimming it on a regular basis. You... More>>

Lashine False Eyelashes Are Changing the Eyelash Game

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How to buy a ballroom dress?

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How to Buy Jewelry for Your Girlfriend: A Simple Guide

When you’ve got a special woman in your life, it’s only natural to want to buy her nice things. Men love showing their affection to their girlfriend by showering her with gifts, especially jewelry. However,... More>>

Why You Should Avoid a Pawn Shop When Selling Diamonds

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Diving Into the Top Paraben-Free Products for Skin Available

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“How To Start A Successful Online Clothing Boutique” step by step guide

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Best Stylish Lunch Box In 2020

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How to Clean Diamond Rings: The Only Only Guide You Need (BU ‘17)

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The Top 3 New Purse Trends of 2020

Good news- the micro purse trend is dead. Gone. Relegated to the 2019 archives. What good is a purse if you can’t even fit your smartphone, wallet, or car keys? Personally, I am glad we’ve moved on – the... More>>

6 Plus-Size Fashion Tips to Style this Spring

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The Perfect Proposal

Photo by SkitterphotoOriginally Posted On: When you find the right person, REEDS will help you find the right engagement ring. It’s important to pick an engagement ring... More>>

People and Paintings Gallery

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Instagram Made Us Do It: We Tried the Hair Vitamins Kylie Jenner and Co. Swear By

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SugarBearHair Review | Worth The Hype?

  Hi fam! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted a review video on my channel so here’s one on the infamous SugarBearHair vitamins. Hope you enjoy!   SugarBearHair info: ... More>>

Do The SugarBear Hair Vitamins Work!? (2 Month Trial) | Allisa Rose

  MY VLOG CHANNEL:…   Hey loves! Today I test out the famous SugarBear hair vitamins! I have seen these all over and just had to test them out! Watch to see what I... More>>

Do Sugar bear hair vitamins really work? My Review

  Hello friends! i hope you liked my sugar bear hair vitamins/ biotin gummies review! What product should i review next on my hair journey?   ? Like this video? Click below to watch more ? ? My fav videos ?... More>>

I tried Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins for 3 months…worth it? (before and after) | SugarBearHair review

  Hey guys! Thanks for watching! This video is sponsored by Sugar Bear Hair but all opinions are my own. Where else to find me! Instagram: Twitter:... More>>

SugarBearHair Vitamins – 30 Day Review

  Wondering if SugarBearHair is Worth the Hype? Watch here! I started using SugarBearHair Vitamins on November 5, 2017. When I first started using SugarBearHair, my hair was SUPER unhealthy, dry, and damaged. Because... More>>

SugarBearHair Vitamins – 90 Day Review

  Wondering if SugarBearHair is Worth the Hype? Watch here! I started using SugarBearHair Vitamins on November 5, 2017. When I first started using SugarBearHair, my hair was SUPER unhealthy, dry, and damaged. Because... More>>

Thousands of Reviewers (and Vanessa Hudgens) Are Obsessed With These Hair Vitamins

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HomeThe VineNutrition SugarBearHair Vitamins are Praiseworthy

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We Tried Out Those Sugar Bear Hair Gummies the Kardashians Love and Here’s What Happened

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6 Best Face Mask DIY For Glowing Skin, Dead Skin, Deep Pore Cleansing and Overall Skin Health

Photo by Noah BuscherOriginally Posted On: masks are used by all the age groups to improve... More>>

The Top 7 Most Popular Tattoo Trends in 2020

Photo by Clem OnojeghuoOriginally Posted On: You’ve given in and decided to get a tattoo. What you’re going to get is another question entirely.... More>>

Reasons to Buy Stock Market Apparel for Enthusiasts

Photo by Christian WiedigerOriginally Posted On: The United States economy continues to defy expectations. All 3... More>>

Lighten Up! Stock Market Gift Ideas That Are Less Serious, More Fun

Photo by Kari SheaOriginally Posted On: Around 69 percent of American workers say that they’re... More>>

How To Style A Lapel Pin

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Diamond Colors Explained: Does the Color of My Diamond Affect Its Value?

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The Final Step Of All Beauty – Feeling Yourself With No Apology

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Do You Dare To Try These Beauty Products?

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How to Use a Sugar Scrub: Your Step-By-Step Guide to Beautiful Skin!

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DIY Did List: 5 At-Home Silver Polish Options That Work

If you own a few silver pieces such as jewelry, coins or utensils that are no longer looking new you might be wondering how can you clean them safely? If you have tried a silver polish cleaner from the store you might be... More>>

What Are Enamel Pins Used For?

Photo by Drop the Label Movement Originally Posted On:   Unless you have been living under a rock, you have likely noticed that enamel pins have... More>>

Does Mother Know Best? 5 Dos and Don’ts of Being the Mother of the Bride

Photo by Dmitry Zvolskiy Originally Posted On:   So, your daughter just got engaged. You’re incredibly excited for her, but also... More>>

Homemade Brightening Face Masks DIY

Photo by ohn Tekeridis Originally Posted On:   Homemade Brightening Face Masks Everyone wants to have a bright and smooth skin, because naturally... More>>

Diamond Colors Explained: Does the Color of My Diamond Affect Its Value?

Originally Posted On: how the color of your diamond might affect its value? Read our guide and learn everything you... More>>

Getting Eyelash Extensions in Portland: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Photo from squarespaceOriginally Posted On: you sick of spending time every morning putting on mascara? Do you wish... More>>

100 Beach Wedding Bouquets – Tropical to Boho Inspiration

Photo by Getlio MoraesOriginally Posted On: TOP HAWAII BEACH WEDDING BOUQUETS! If you’re planning on saying “I do” on a white sandy... More>>

The Top 9 Benefits of Sterling Jewelry

Whether it is a statement piece or a well-blended accessory, jewelry enhances and accentuates an outfit perfectly. Suited for every occasion, there is definitely a piece that is tailored for you. Yet, oftentimes when it... More>>

I Woke up Like This: 4 Simple Ways to Glam up Your Look Without Makeup

Photo by Velizar IvanovOriginally Posted On: Whether you are on board with Alicia Keys and going for the without makeup look or... More>>

How to Clean Jewelry: 7 Tips to Bring Old Jewelry Back to Life

Do you want to learn how to clean jewelry? Wearing jewelry is an easy way for you to make any of your outfits luxurious. They focus and stress on certain features that you may want attention on, and they’re also a... More>>


Originally Posted On: The ancient art of spearfishing has been around for as long as humans began hunting for food in our oceans, These days, more equipment is... More>>

Sarasota Headshots: 5 things you simply *must* know before your headshot session

Originally Posted On: it’s been more than 3 years since your last profile photo update *pinches... More>>

In with the New: 2020 Fashion Trends You Can Expect Next Spring

Originally Posted On:’s always fun to check out what’s coming in women’s fashion.... More>>

Eco-Friendly – 15 Years and Growing!

Originally Posted On: WITH A CONSCIENCE Once in a great while, a company makes the decision to do the ‘right thing’ rather than the easy thing. ... More>>

Beauty Is Found In Sharing

Originally Posted On: NOT TRASH “The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.” ~Nelson Henderson History... More>>

7 Tips To Selling Your Fine Jewelry After The Break-Up

Originally Posted On: you’re fresh off a break-up or a divorce and have some fine jewelry you’d like to get rid of, sell... More>>

What to Wear With White Sneakers: A Complete Fashion Guide for Men

It’s a staple of every modern man’s closet or front door shoe rack: the pair of white sneakers. Who doesn’t own a good pair of white sneakers? You might even own a few, and cycle through them or use them... More>>


Originally Posted On: Subscription boxes have gained in popularity ever since they first appeared on the market back in 2010. Every year new companies add... More>>

Simple Ways To Make Your Hair Grow FAST

Originally Posted On: Some women are just born with the ability to grow incredibly long, beautiful hair. For the rest of us, those long lovely locks... More>>

How to Dress Better as a Man: The Style Guide Every Man Needs

Many men secretly admit that they have no idea what to wear. In fact, over 80 percent of men say they struggle to get ready for an event. Knowing that you need to improve your style is a great start. It’s not always... More>>

9 Trending Hairstyles You’re Going to Love in 2020

It’s a new year and a new you, especially if you’re looking for a new hairstyle. Celebrating the new year means a fresh new look for 2020, and there are many to choose from. Consider cutting your hair this year... More>>


Originally Posted On: is in the air. Bring on the oversized sweaters, cozy blankets, and hot... More>>

How to Have the Perfect Prom Night: A Complete Prom Guide

Originally Posted On: Are you getting ready to attend your first prom and want to make sure it’s perfect? Click here for a complete prom... More>>

A Prom You’ll Always Remember: How to Find the Perfect Prom Dress

Originally Posted On: High school is one of the most important and memorable times in life, so it’s no surprise that you want your... More>>

From Simple to Simply Stunning: How to Accessorize a Black Dress

Originally Posted On: From Simple to Simply Stunning: How to Accessorize a Black Dress So who wants to learn how to... More>>

The Best Anti Aging Tips for Your Skin

Originally Posted On: The Best Anti Aging Tips for Your Skin : Did you know that the average woman spends around $57 a month on anti aging products? ... More>>

Sweet Style: 9 Dress Styles Teens Will Love This Spring

Originally Posted On: Are you a teenager trying to be as trendy as possible in spring 2020? Click here to learn some awesome dress styles for... More>>

Top 12 Upcoming Spring and Summer Accessories for 2020

Originally Posted On: Spring and summer are still a few months away, but the spring 2020 fashion shows took place months ago,... More>>

The Salon Secrets to the Perfect Blow Dry

Originally Posted On: You know how you get the perfect blow dry at the salon and then you go home and you can’t reproduce it? Pretty... More>>

When Is the Best Time to Buy Jewelry in a Relationship?

Originally Posted On: Do you want to buy a gift for someone you started dating last month? If so, it might not be the best time to buy jewelry.... More>>

7 Things You Need to Know About Starting a Jewelry Business

Originally Posted On: Since you’re learning about how to make a jewelry business, you’re probably a creative type. And as a... More>>

Starting a Jewelry Business: 9 Things You Need to Know

Originally Posted On: Global jewelry sales are predicted to hit $250 billion in 2020. It’s no surprise. The jewelry... More>>

7 Winter Skin Care Tips Recommended by Dermatologists (BU ‘17)

Originally Posted On: want to look and feel good in their skin. This is why the beauty sector is estimated to be worth $445 billion.... More>>

Building The Picture Perfect Wedding In 5 Easy Steps

Originally Posted On: All happy couples dream of the perfect wedding day, and knowing that your big day will produce the best shots is a key... More>>

7 Prom Make-Up Trends You Can’t Miss This Year

Originally Posted On: Doesn’t everyone dream of being on the receiving end of a cute promposal? Okay, so not everyone will wake up to a... More>>

Orange or Yellow, Which Color is Best for a Hi-Vis Rain Jacket?

Originally Posted On: Motor vehicles crash into 67% of construction work zones on the highway. When a car comes flying into your... More>>


Originally Posted On: Ever since ancient times, people have used their bodies as a substrate for art, and the situation is no different today.... More>>

How to Create Perfect Eyebrows with Makeup

Originally Posted On: Eyebrows may be the single most important component of your daily makeup routine. Even the best makeup look can instantly fall... More>>

How to Design Custom-Made Backpacks for Your Company

Originally Posted On: Competition is steep when it comes to promoting your brand, but company swag can be effective when done right. Custom made backpacks are a... More>>

All the Amazing Benefits of Selling to a Chicago Diamond Jewelry Buyer

Originally Posted On: your jewelry can be a great way to make some extra cash. Here are several benefits to selling to a Chicago... More>>

Can I Wear a Dress With Sneakers? 5 Must-Know Fashion Tips

Worldwide, sneakers generate over $71 billion in sales and the demand just keeps climbing. You can say sneakers are definitely having a fashion moment. Styling has grown looser and less traditional lately. For example,... More>>

How to Trim Your Beard: A Step-by-Step Guide

What if your awesome beard wasn’t living up to its full potential? It’s one thing to grow a beard out. It’s another thing to trim it to perfection every week. Wondering how to trim your beard so it looks... More>>

What to Wear to the Gym: A Complete Guide to Men’s Gym Style

So, the new year has arrived and your resolution is to get fit, but why shouldn’t you look good doing it too? You’re probably not putting much thought into your gym outfits. After all, you’re going there to... More>>

5 Things you simply *must* know before your Atlanta headshot session

Originally Posted On: it’s been more than 3 years since your last profile photo update *pinches bridge of nose and sighs... More>>

How to Dress Preppy: A Guide on the Right Clothes to Wear

Dressing preppy might be your style. Whether you are going for an effortless chic look to wear to the office or a casual date we are sharing all about the preppy look here. If you want to learn how to dress preppy then make... More>>

How to Dress Cute and Accessorize Masterfully

Originally Posted On: Fashion is a way to express who you are and what you believe in. The fashion industry in the United States is worth 400... More>>

It’s Boot Season! How to Wear Ankle Boots and Style Them Like a Pro

Originally Posted On: Did you know that 95% of women own more than 10 pairs of shoes and that 75% of women own more than 21... More>>

10 Different Types of Rings for Women and Men

Did you know that people usually spend about an average of $2,500 on an engagement ring? Engagement rings are common knowledge, but do you know about the many other types of rings available for both men and women? Are you... More>>

Ultimate Swag Bag Ideas Guide: Create Amazing Custom Bags

Originally Posted On: The pressure is on. You have to create the perfect swag bag for your upcoming event, but you have no idea where to start. What style... More>>

How to Buy Designer Handbags That’re Worth the Money

Are you planning to buy your first designer handbag? You could need a luxury handbag that fits your personal needs and provides you with a high level of convenience. This could also be a great fashionable addition to your... More>>

Does Bacteria on Face Cause Acne? a Closer Look at the Causes of Breakouts

80% of people suffer with acne at some point between puberty and age 30. However, anecdotally, we know that almost 100% of people will experience getting a pimple once or twice in their lifetime. You may have heard of a... More>>

The Law Of Threes: Design Your Wedding Invitations with confidence

Originally Posted On: a designer, but want to personalize your wedding invitations? We understand! It’s hard to resist the temptation to create something from scratch that... More>>

Professional Investments – In You

Originally Posted On: There are always going to be things you should be putting your money into. But sometimes the thing you need to put money into, for the... More>>

All your overnight face mask questions answered

Originally Posted On: all know that sleep is the ultimate beauty therapy, but our nighttime routines are becoming increasingly complicated owing to the emergence... More>>

How to Style the Very Cool Antique Gold Jewelry You Bought or Inherited

Originally Posted On: Have you gotten your hands on a very cool piece of antique gold jewelry? Wondering what to do with... More>>

How to Pick the Perfect Bridal Bouquet

Originally Posted On: of the most important elements in planning a wedding is choosing the perfect bridal bouquet to compliment your dress and style.... More>>

How to Style the Very Cool Antique Gold Jewelry You Bought or Inherited

Originally Posted On: Have you gotten your hands on a very cool piece of antique gold jewelry? Wondering what to do with... More>>

Silver vs. Gold Jewelry: Which is the Right Jewelry for You?

Originally Posted On:–right-jewelry Jewelry is a must when getting dressed for a nice night out, a day at work, and plenty of other occasions as well. It’s the... More>>

4 Hot Fashion Trends Jewelry Designers Are Pioneering in 2020

In the last year, American spending on jewelry (and watches) rose by 7%. That number is only expected to keep going up- because there are so many new trends in accessories, people are going to be trying new, bold things in... More>>

6 Must Have Gadgets for College Students

As a new college student, there are many different things to take in. As you walk around your new college campus, it soon feels like a sensory overload. With so much to see, do, and learn, your once calm and simple life has... More>>

Top Reasons To Hire Beauty Professionals On Your Wedding Day

Originally Posted On: Beauty Professional’s Point of view.So, you’re doing your own hair and... More>>

A Complete Guide To Canvas Tote Bags

Originally Posted On: Complete Guide to Canvas Tote Bags, Including the Best Canvas Tote Bags for Every Occasion Canvas tote bags have a relatively... More>>

How Custom T-Shirts Can Increase Your Brand Awareness

Originally Posted On: You’ve heard of wearing your heart on your sleeve, but what about your brand? If you’re looking... More>>

Fashionable and Functional: Where to Shop for the Best Canvas Tote Bags

Originally Posted On: Are you ready for a riddle? What’s one accessory that goes with everything, but will never go out of style? No, it... More>>

How to Accessorize a Red Dress

Originally Posted On: Have you bought the perfect red dress for an upcoming event? If you’re trying to figure out the best ways to style your red... More>>

The Best Accessories for Black Dresses

Originally Posted On: The secret of the popularity of a black... More>>

Ideas for having an outdoor wedding ceremony.

Originally Posted On: If you have chosen to host an outdoor wedding, know that you have made a wonderful choice! After all, how could you not... More>>

Best Velvet Hangers

Originally Posted On: Velvet hangers are the popular new do-it-all hanger for every item of clothing in your wardrobe. These versatile fabric hangers are ideal for a... More>>

The wonderful world of Rent and Return items

Originally Posted On: The wonderful world of Rent and Return items. Our view on owning things has changed, for the better. Why purchase... More>>

How To Find The Best Hair Salon Capes

Originally Posted On: So you’re looking for either new chemical capes or hair cutting capes for your hair salon or barber shop, and of course,... More>>

2 Tattoo Accessories To Wear To Show Off Your Ink

Originally Posted On: Are you looking for pieces of accessories to highlight your ink? Do you want to show off your body art? One great way to... More>>

Get the Jump on the Drip: The Best Jewelry Trends 2020 Has to Offer

Originally Posted On: If you’re someone who loves to express themselves through bling, you aren’t alone. In fact,... More>>

What Is Moissanite and What Makes It Such a Beautiful Ring Stone?

Getting married is a big decision, and the ring you choose to symbolize your forever relationship is important. If your fiance cares about the source of her ring and finding an ethical stone, you may want to look at other... More>>

Choosing the Perfect Accessories for the Little Black Dress

Originally Posted On: Meet the little black dress An iconic and chic fashion staple that lives in every woman’s closet. Created by... More>>

How to Design a Button Pin: The Ultimate Guide

Did you know that the first design for a pin-back button got patented in 1896? We often associate button pins with election campaigns and politics. However, they’re also great accessories to clothes, bags, and more. ... More>>

How To Organize Your Closet

Originally Posted On: Too many clothes and not enough space? Don’t worry, it’s not just you; this dilemma has plagued us all at one point. But this... More>>

Understanding the Reasons for Hair Loss: 7 Common Causes

Originally Posted On: On average, men and women lose about 50 to 100 hairs every single day. This can happen when brushing and styling... More>>

New Year, New You: The Top 7 Body Contouring Procedures to Try in 2020

Weight loss is more than a goal to strive toward these days. It’s an industry that’s growing with each passing year. In 2018, the United States weight loss industry hit a new peak of $72 billion. It’s... More>>

School Is Calling! 5 College Packing Tips for a Smooth Move

Originally Posted On: Feeling overwhelmed at the task of packing for college? Tempted to pack everything but the kitchen sink? If you can, resist that... More>>

5 Best Phone Case Brands That Actually Hold Up

Cell phone damage is so common that people spent over $3 billion on phone repairs last year. Even if you’re careful with your cell phone, the odds are against you you’re going to drop your phone at some point. ... More>>

12 Best Microcurrent Machines for 2020 For at Home Spa Treatments

Originally Posted On: magical microcurrent machine! We invested 33 long hours checking out every microcurrent machine we could... More>>

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