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What's Cool for School with Katie Linendoll

It’s time for students to head back to school…but are you ready?  If not, don’t worry…Tech Expert Katie Linendoll partnered with and some of her favorite tech brands to share what’s cool for school that will make life easier for parents and students this year.  


Back to School Tech with Carley Knobloch

Back to school is just around the corner, so what’s the latest scoop on tech and gadgets for students and parents? The answer lies with Tech Lifestyle Expert Carley Knobloch who partnered with some of her favorite brands and the website to show off a handful of the innovative products, from laptops and printers to online security and even smart tech that will help save time in the kitchen!


More Bass for Your Buck: How to Choose the Best Subwoofers for Cars

Originally posted on   Are you missing out on that deep distortion-free bass in your car? The kind that fills your... More>>

Boasting About the Boating Benefits of Lithium Marine Batteries

Whether you are looking to operate a small motor or power a boat’s kitchen, there are many battery options available. Lithium marine batteries allow you to provide reliable power at sea or the port. To learn more... More>>

5 Essential Tips for Creative Storytelling Through Data Visualization

Originally posted on   While some companies are collecting so much data that they don’t know what they’re even collecting, other companies... More>>

What Is Data Visualization and How Does It Work?

Originally posted on   Now that nearly 60% of businesses are using infographics, data visualization has taken over the internet. While some of these graphics are... More>>

Is Account Takeover an Underrated Risk?

Originally posted on The Recurring Nightmare In a recent article by Bleeping Computer, a little-known fact was brought to light: security decision makers are... More>>

How long would it take to crack your password?

Originally posted on We found out what could make it take centuries At SpyCloud, our livelihoods depend upon protecting your personal information. We also... More>>

12 Safety Benefits of Cloud-Based Video Surveillance

Originally posted on   Are you alarmed? If not, you certainly should be. Security systems have moved on since the good old days... More>>

What are the Different Types of Polymers and Their Common Uses?

If you weren’t a science major in college, you may or may not have heard of polymers before. If you have heard about them, you may think of things like plastic cups and pipes as being made from polymers. But did you... More>>

Becoming a Power Systems Engineer: Your Complete Guide

There are hundreds of thousands of engineers working in the U.S. today, and the field is expected to grow significantly over the next few years. There are several different types of engineering jobs you can pursue. One of... More>>

5 Signs That Your New Home Is Lacking in Technology

Originally posted on   Many builders are faced with the problem of what technology they should have in their new home now... More>>

Hacked: How to Protect your iPhone

Originally posted on   Technology moves fast, and hackers are all too eager to keep up with the changes and exploit loopholes. In the modern world,... More>>

What Are the Benefits of Owning a Whole House Backup Generator?

If you’ve ever lived in extreme cold or extreme heat, you know why it would be very good to have a whole house backup generator. Your and your family’s safety and comfort matter. Even just trying to do your... More>>

Protecting your iPhone Security against Theft

Originally posted on   iPhones are full of the information you don’t other people to have, and the company actually isn’t... More>>

Keeping It Clean: The Top Clean Website Design Tips

Originally posted on   Approximately 38 percent of users are going to stop interacting with a website if the layout is unattractive or hard to use. Having a... More>>

How Does Solar Energy Work for You? 5 Essential Benefits of Going Solar

Originally posted on   It’s no secret that civilizations across the globe need to work toward using... More>>

A Top 10 List of the Best Rechargeable Flashlights to Get in 2019

Up to 36.7 million people are hit with power outages every year. These outages can leave victims without food, access to electrical powered medical devices, and without the ability to see. While keeping your fridge and... More>>

Triangle MicroWorks Releases Updates for Distributed Test Manager

Originally posted on   A Free trial license is available for immediate download. Raleigh, N.C. (August 2019) Triangle... More>>

8 Benefits of Managed IT Services

Originally posted on   Running a successful business is hard for even the most seasoned entrepreneur. It demands more time, passion, and commitment... More>>

What Are Phase Converters: A Guide on What They Do and How They Work

Americans use a lot of electricity- in just one year, the average consumption of electricity for residential areas was over ten thousand kilowatt-hours. It only makes sense, then, that people are constantly looking for new... More>>

Product Video Marketing: The Secret to E-Commerce Conversions

Originally posted on     If you’re in the eCommerce industry, your entire business relies on a customer converting when they reach your product page. ... More>>

Why You Need Content Filtering for your Company?

Originally posted on   Recent studies have shown that nearly 40 percent of all Internet usage in the workplace isn’t even remotely work related.... More>>

How to Turn Any Song into a Ringtone on Your Android Phone

Originally posted on   Have you ever make a ringtone from any song and set it as ringtone on your Android device. I bet most probably... More>>

Iptv Boxes Reviewed: 10 Best of 2019

Originally posted on   Regular television is great, but it can get really boring. The potential of your TV is endless, and the newest way to charge up your TV is by using the best... More>>

Key Factors That Affect the Cost of Your 3D Rendering Project

Originally posted on   The 3D rendering market, which was pegged at $577.4 million in 2016, is expected to rise to an... More>>

Why Engineers and Architects Need to Use 3D Building Models

Originally posted on   For a long time, construction design started from the very basics: pen and paper. Buildings were... More>>

Data Engineer, Data Analyst, Data Scientist — What’s the Difference?

Originally posted on   Data engineer, data analyst, and data scientist — these are job titles you’ll often hear mentioned together... More>>

How to Increase your iPhone Security

Originally posted on   In a world where most people cannot function as efficiently as they want without immediate... More>>

The Latest Tips for Increasing iPhone Security

Originally posted on     Millions of people use smartphones each day, and for good reason. Mobile devices make it easy to connect with... More>>

Protecting Your iPhone from Security Threats with These Helpful Features

Originally posted on   Apple is one of the most popular producers of mobile devices and tablets, all designed to make... More>>

Make The Most Of Your Home. Taking A Look At The Top Tech Products For Better Home Living

Amazon has sold 100 million devices that run Alexa, and over 8 million people own an Amazon Echo. We’re now living in the age of what was once the purview of science fiction writers. Tech gadgets now turn on the... More>>

What It Means To Be An Amazon Advertising Partner

Originally posted on   Did you know that the average conversion rate of eCommerce sites is 1.33%? On Amazon, it’s a different story,... More>>

Flame Resistant Clothing vs Fire Retardant Clothing: What’s the Difference?

Originally posted on   When it comes to fire safety, there is no room for doubt about whether your gear is... More>>

5 Proven Benefits of Creating Remote Jobs in Education

Originally posted on   Offering remote roles isn’t common practice in the education space. In many cases, and especially in more traditional institutions,... More>>

7 Cool Solar Powered Gadgets You Can Buy in 2019

Solar energy and solar-powered products are all the rage these days. This has a lot to do with the fact that solar energy is much more affordable than it used to be. In fact, the price of solar panels has dropped by nearly... More>>

LBP Lithium Marine Battery Guide

Originally posted on   Share Information contained on this page is provided by an independent third-party content provider. Frankly and this Site... More>>

Hotels Tourism Instagram Marketing Tutorials

Originally posted on   Instagram is hot property for tourism today.This series of Hotels Tourism Instagram Marketing... More>>

BeStructured Technology Group Proud To Announce Placement In 2019 MSP 501 Rankings

Originally posted on   Los Angeles, Ca, June 24, 2019 BeStructured Technology Group, Inc. is proud to... More>>

The Beginner’s Guide to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Originally posted on   The internet features hundreds of millions of domains with billions of web pages and even more... More>>

How Much Time is Spent on Social Media?

Originally posted on   Do you often find yourself browsing your fave social media sites when you know you could be doing other things?... More>>

Updating WordPress: Why You Need to Update Your Software

Originally posted on   Did you notice your WordPress experience has changed recently? With the “Gutenberg” version of... More>>

Programmatic TV and the Future of Video

Originally posted on   As the sun begins to rest on what is now known as traditional TV advertising, online programmatic TV is on the rise. Going... More>>

Becoming a Data Journalist: 3 Big Mistakes I’ve Made

Originally posted on   Learning data skills has obvious utility for anyone who works as a journalist. Even rudimentary data analytics skills can be used to... More>>

Using C# to Create Excel Files in .Net

Originally posted on   Creating Excel files in C# can be simple even without dependency on the legacy Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel library. In... More>>

What You Need to Know About the Importance of Math Word Problems

Originally posted on       Sometimes there’s no greater pain for students than coming across a dreaded math word problem. When these... More>>

Kumon Math vs Thinkster Math – a Detailed Review

Originally posted on   Are you looking to help your child in math? A math tutor can help your child grasp math concepts they do not... More>>

Best Practice Software Development Outsourcing Model

Originally posted on   The Intrinsic Value of a Dedicated Virtual Offshore Team versus Project Work Written by Phil Bartos III Business... More>>

Top 10 of the Best Assessment Software in 2019

Originally posted on   Did you know that the US department of labor reported 6.6 million job openings in previous quarters? The job... More>>

The Best Digital Transformation Books in Supply Chain & Procurement

Originally posted on   Digital transformation is the ongoing process of supplanting traditional analog systems in an organization with more efficient... More>>

Do You Know What’s Inside of That Lithium Battery?


Benefits of Lithium Batteries: Why They’re a Great Investment


On the Road Again: Choosing the Best Lithium Battery for Your RV

Originally posted on   LITHIUM BATTERIES FOR RVS ARE THE WAVE OF THE FUTURE. Did you know that lithium... More>>

Why Lithium Marine Batteries are The Best Choice in 2019


Save It For a Rainy Day: How to Store Solar Energy in a Battery

Originally posted on   LITHIUM IS FAR AND AWAY THE BEST OPTION FOR SOLAR ENERGY STORAGE. The consumption of... More>>

Exploring the Future of Solar Power with Lithium Batteries


Renewable Energy: The Ultimate Guide to Lithium Solar Batteries


LBP at ICAST Orlando 2019

Originally posted on   THE LBP CREW IS BACK FROM ICAST 2019. HERE’S OUR RECAP OF THE ANNUAL SHOW IN ORLANDO. This was Lithium Battery... More>>

These 4 Words Will Make You Fall in Love with Solar Energy: Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC)


Designing A Robust Hybrid Cloud Environment

Originally posted on   If you’ve decided your organization needs the best of a private cloud and public cloud environment, it’s... More>>

The Differences Between Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery

Originally posted on   Understanding the key distinctions between business continuity and disaster recovery is critical... More>>

Which is better for home security: Ring Spotlight Cam Battery or Arlo Ultra?

Originally posted on   In today’s lineup, we have two battery-operated home security cameras—the... More>>

What Is Parallax Website Design?

Originally posted on   If you’re looking to boost engagement on your website and direct more visitors to your call-to-actions, it’s time for you to... More>>

Why Is A Mobile-Responsive Website Design So Important?

Originally posted on   With the increasing number of mobile internet users in Malaysia and the projected trends for mobile usage in... More>>

Galaxy Gazing: How Many Stars Are in Our Solar System?

If you ever need a break from the constantly moving hustle and bustle of your everyday life, all you need to do is go outside on a clear night. Looking up at the night sky you will see a universe of infinite possibilities... More>>

4 Reasons To Revamp Your Website Regularly

Originally posted on   A website design should be looked at as a long-term investment for your brand, but what is the definition of long-term in this... More>>

Avaya Canada Launches

Originally posted on   Elevate your business with Avaya’s Canadian Cloud Partners and do business with greater ease. Avaya allows Canadian... More>>

On the Importance of Mining Your Own Data…

Originally posted on   We are constantly amazed at the number of e-commerce business owners who a) have Google Analytics installed for their website... More>>

8 Professional Tips For Mobile Web Design In 2019

Originally posted on   With more than half of all website traffic worldwide coming through mobile phones, we are now definitely living in a... More>>

7 Types of Commercial LED Lighting

Originally posted on   If you’re interested in updating or installing commercial LED lighting at your facility, it’s important to consider the... More>>

How to Find The Best Performing Realtors® in Any City

Originally posted on   There are a thousand factors to consider when buying or selling a house. What’s your budget? Is the market right? Should you... More>>

When Fashion Influencers Met Social Media And Why It Was Destined For Success

Originally posted on   Gemma, an avid fashion enthusiast, picks up her mobile... More>>

The Importance of Mil-Spec Standards for Equipment and Operability

To operate in all theaters of war, the United States military needs to have gear and equipment that can perform under any circumstances. This ensures that vital gear meets precise military specifications or mil-spec... More>>

The Experts Speak – What makes Drupal 8 so appealing?

Originally posted on   Horse racing, also popularly known as a sport for Kings, is now a multi-billion dollar industry with people gambling... More>>

3 Reasons Why Cybersecurity Is More Important Than Ever

Originally posted on   News about identity theft and data breaches is becoming more usual nowadays and this is for a reason. Cybersecurity... More>>

Spy Technology: A Guide on How to Catch Someone Spying on You

Originally posted on   In early 2019, a FaceTime bug was letting anyone spy on your private conversations. Apple said it would... More>>

6 Hidden Tricks for Getting Ready to Learn Algebra Fast

Originally posted on   Of all the topics you learn in math class, long division and multiplying fractions aren’t exactly the... More>>

Everything You Need To Know About The June 2019 Google Update

Originally posted on   Google just released a new update called the “June Broad Core Update” and there have been some recent shakeups in the search... More>>

4 Telltale Signs Of An Ineffective Website Design

Originally posted on   An effective website design should provide your business with the capacity to inform users, generate leads and convert... More>>

How to Get Your WordPress Website to Load in Under 3 Seconds

Originally posted on WordPress is a powerful platform, but it can suffer from slow load times, which can be deadly... More>>

6 Steps To Take For A Good Website Design

Originally posted on   Given a choice, will you rather read something that is well-designed or poorly-designed? Exactly. Similarly, your audience... More>>

Record Your Favorite Streaming Radio

Originally posted on   Have you ever wished there was a convenient, affordable way to record radio? Thanks to, this exactly what you can do! We offer... More>>

3 Video Scripting Templates to Make Your Marketing Videos Rock

Originally posted on   Have you ever wished you could shoot awesome marketing videos, but weren’t sure what they should actually say? In this post, I’ll... More>>

Your Guide to the Pros and Cons of Personalized Email Addresses

Originally posted on   A personalized email address can increase your credibility and memorability, but can also come with some... More>>

IP Cameras

Originally posted on   If you are a business owner, you know how important it is to monitor things daily. Your presence has a great impact on the way your business runs. But,... More>>

Functional Testing Vs Non-Functional Testing

Originally posted on   According to a report, app crashes cause 71% of uninstalls. Others reasons that compel users to uninstall the app are page... More>>

What Is the Google Map Pack and Why Is It Important?

Originally posted on   Do you wish to increase your small business’ search engine rankings? Are you looking to increase your customer base?... More>>

11 Reasons Your Site Doesn’t Show up on Google

Originally posted on   Everyone wants their site to shoot straight to the top of the first page of Google results, right where everyone... More>>

Top 6 Global Fintech Trends of 2019

Originally posted on   While the entire fintech industry is usually less understood by most consumers, it is quite an achievement that fintech companies... More>>

HubSpot Tips: How to Build Your Own HubSpot Chatbot

Originally posted on   As the world continues to evolve, so does the way that we use technology and websites. Consumers are less... More>>

Algorithmic Bias – Google Proves the Danger of Algorithms in Criminal Justice

Originally posted on   Project Veritas recently unloaded a bombshell on Google after an executive admitted, on... More>>

5 Tips to Spot a Phishing Email

Originally posted on   Originally posted on YouTube by Astute Technology Management Phishing emails are an attempt to obtain sensitive or personal... More>>

Everything You Need to Know About Webmaster Tools

Originally posted on   Mastering webmaster tools can significantly increase your website’s performance. Learn everything about the useful... More>>

Introducing the Ring Door View Cam

Originally posted on   Smart doorbells have been around for nearly a decade, with lots of brands entering the market offering various... More>>

It’s Time To Embrace The Digital World!

Originally posted on If there’s one thing that you can pretty much guarantee about the modern world it’s that it is almost... More>>

The Tools Every Freelancer Should Know About

Originally posted on   Working as a freelancer or subcontractor can be a rewarding career path or a great way to supplement your existing income. With rising... More>>

Making The Most Of YouTube

Originally posted on Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. There are no affiliate links included in this post. All thoughts are my own and no other. This... More>>

What You Can Do To Prevent a Website Crash

Originally posted on   The average American spends around 24 hours per week on the internet. When the internet goes down in our home, everyone goes... More>>

New Courses: Learn Command Line Fundamentals for Data Science

Originally posted on In a field as tightly connected to computer science as data science is, being able to control your computer like a developer can be a very... More>>

Sharepoint Solutions: Collaborative Efforts in Healthcare

Originally posted on   We all want what is best for our loved ones. As older adults enter senior communities, it’s becoming... More>>

Application Security: A Critical Healthcare Requirement

Originally posted on   In the arena of healthcare and HIPAA compliance, ensuring application security from data breaches isn’t an... More>>

How Social Media Data Can Boost Your Sales

Originally posted on   Social media data is one of the richest sources of information available to modern marketers, influencers,... More>>

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Electronic Data Collection Platform Roundup

Originally posted on   Do you still collect data using pen and paper? If so, you’re in good company. A large but decreasing number of ABA... More>>


Originally posted on Originally posted on YouTube by The Big Screen Store Are you shopping for a Sony or LG OLED TV? Are you familiar with the benefits of QLED TVs versus... More>>

Can Online Assessment Enable a More Candidate-Centric Approach to Exam Delivery?

Originally posted on   The Balance of Power between Examining Bodies and Candidates A qualification is a valuable asset. To attain... More>>

What is Digital Marketing? The Answer

Originally posted on We exist in a new world. We live a life in which the power to know what each of us wants, and the best way to give that to us, is at... More>>

Hacked?! Here’s How to Recover a Hacked Facebook Account

Originally posted on Was your Facebook account hacked recently? Do you want to know how to retrieve a Facebook account? Well, you came to... More>>

Facebook Account Disabled? What Causes It and What to Do Next

Originally posted on Established in February 2004, Facebook is a private company that, since it’s conception, has generated... More>>

7 Benefits of Managed IT Services for Your Business

Originally posted on The worldwide information technology industry has almost reached $5 trillion in 2019. Clearly, technology is on the rise,... More>>

Create the Next Big Thing: How to Find Inspiration for Your App Ideas

Originally posted on There are currently over 2 million apps in the Apple app store, and almost twice that to download from... More>>

Interoperability : Definition, Goals and Benefits

Originally posted on   In healthcare, interoperability means the ability of health information systems, devices or software applications to connect and work together within... More>>

Story Insta: The Answer to View Instagram Stories Anonymously

Originally posted on Imagine if there was a way to view Instagram stories anonymously! Oh wait, there is and we’ll teach you how to use the tool Story Insta in a few easy steps. ... More>>

7 Simple Steps to Create an Effective PPC Strategy

Originally posted on Did you know that businesses make an average of $2 in income for every $1 they spend on Google Adwords? More>>

Pressed for Performance: Our Quick-And-Easy WordPress Migration Guide

Originally posted on   Want to move your WordPress site off its slow, frustrating web host? Use our WordPress migration guide... More>>

Magic Cloth Technique Long Exposure Photography

Originally posted on The Magic Cloth Technique involves controlling the amount of exposure to different parts of a scene during... More>>

Avoid Viruses Like the Plague: The Top Virus Prevention Tips You Need to Know

Originally posted on Whatever purpose you use your computer for, malware is a huge problem. An infection on your home... More>>

The Critical Role Content Marketing Plays In Online Reputation Management

Originally posted on With people consuming more types and volumes of content than ever before online, many businesses... More>>

The Top 5 Benefits of SSL: Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore This Website Feature

Originally posted on If your website is missing a secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate, you’re guaranteed to be... More>>

How To Create Awesome Blog Topics That Your Audience Will Love

Originally posted on Ever get writer’s block when you try to come up with blog post ideas? Or maybe the blog post topics you’ve published haven’t taken off... More>>

List of Best Free Blogging Sites and Platforms

Originally posted on   You’re here because you’re looking for the best sites to start a blog. Whether it’s for expressing your passion or hobby,... More>>

Starting Off On The Right Foot: The Top Mistakes To Avoid When Setting Up A Business Website

Originally posted on   At the moment, there are more than 1.94 billion websites... More>>

Cybersecurity for Beginners: How to Protect Your Site from Hackers

Originally posted on   Have you just created your website, and you are looking to learn basic cybersecurity for beginners?... More>>

Everything You Need To Know About The June 2019 Google Update

Originally posted on Google just released a new update called the “June Broad Core Update” and there have been some recent shakeups in the search results. ... More>>

How To Promote Content Like The Big Dogs (NEW Strategy Inside)

Originally posted on About a year ago I was researching how some of the biggest publishing sites online were getting links and ranking. This started with... More>>

LBP Lithium Marine Battery Guide

Originally posted on Battery Power is different from all other lithium battery companies due to the reliability and high performance of our... More>>

Are Lithium-ion Batteries Dangerous?

Originally posted on Lithium-ion is the most popular rechargeable battery style in the world because of its high storage capacity, low... More>>

These 4 Words Will Make You Fall in Love with Solar Energy: Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC)


How to Choose the Best Trolling Motor Battery for Your Needs


Renewable Energy: The Ultimate Guide to Lithium Solar Batteries


8 Reasons to Choose a Lithium Battery for Your Golf Cart


Social Media Marketing Now Includes Snapchat: Complete Guide and Breakdown

Originally posted on Unless you are a millennial or part of Gen Z, you might not be fully ingratiated with every... More>>

These 4 Words Will Make You Fall in Love with Solar Energy: Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC)


Security for Your Therapist Website

Originally posted on Are you making sure your therapist website visitors feel safe? Understanding how to make your therapist website secure... More>>

Benefits Of Outsourced IT Services

Originally posted on If your organization has been looking to streamline operations and reduce overhead expenses, have you considered outsourcing your IT... More>>

IT Security For Your Los Angeles Business

Originally posted on In today’s ever-changing cybersecurity landscape, your Los Angeles business needs a team of dedicated security experts to... More>>

Review Of Cryptojacking

Originally posted on To some degree or another, most of us have heard of the term “Virtual Currency”. This is essentially the cloud-based version of the... More>>

Website Design: 7 Essential Skill Sets for Building a Modern, Profitable Business Website

Originally posted on   Creating an effective website design is much more involved than it used to be. Business websites have come a long way over... More>>

Top 5 Considerations When Hiring Any Web Designer

Originally posted on If you are thinking about hiring a web designer, either to update your existing website or to build a new online digital... More>>

When to Change the Coil of Your Vaping Device?

Originally posted on There is no determined “chronological” times for changing the coil, but “logical” times when doing it... More>>

How to Choose the Perfect TV Size for Any Room (New for 2019)

Originally posted on Size Matters (most)—Nobody comes in to buy a smaller TV than the one that they currently have, and the number one reason that... More>>

Google Updates & Algorithm Change History

Originally posted on For any SEO, it’s critical to keep up with Google’s new updates to understand traffic patterns in your website as well as best practices. In... More>>

Server Hosting 101: Understanding the Different Types of Web Hosting

Originally posted on   From shared to dedicated server hosting, there are many options when building your online project. What... More>>

Editorial Link Building; Safe, Effective, and Powerful

Originally posted on One of THE best links that your website can get is an editorial link. An editorial link is a link that an editor naturally inserts into their... More>>

7 Tips for Scaling Agile

Originally posted on is a go-to framework for enterprises seeking to get ahead of the software game. It’s an integral part of the modern business... More>>

How to Choose the Best Marketing Apps to Promote Your Brand

Originally posted on   Did you know that consistent brand representation across all social media platforms can increase... More>>

The Dark Web is Making Businesses Less Secure

Originally posted on   The threat of cyber attack is growing, disproportionately effecting small and mid sized businesses. According to... More>>

What Are the Advantages of Dip Brazing?

Originally posted on Are your complex assemblies too costly in both time and expense, leading to delays in production and unhappy customers? Dip... More>>

AMD Comes Out Swinging at Computex 2019, New Ryzen 3rd Generation Processors Revealed

Originally posted on Our favorite time has come! New hardware releases have been announced! A few days ago, Dr.... More>>

Insta Popularity: Creating a Killer Social Media Marketing Campaign

Originally posted on Almost 80% of Americans have at least one social media profile. This means there are billions of potential customers you... More>>

?Chromebooks Buying Guide! [Why Buy a Chromebook?]

Originally posted on Chromebook was introduced by Google in 2011. They are more of a laptop but special kind of laptops. What differentiate Chromebooks from the standard... More>>

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