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How To Get Out From An Underwater Car Loan

Few things are more satisfying than driving your brand-new car – until you realize that it lost value immediately after you left the dealership. Thanks to depreciation, it's possible for a car to lose over 20% of its... More>>

Communicating for Key Results

Originally posted on   Why asking for “KR updates” may be undermining your actual results To get better results this quarter, consider how you... More>>

What Is a Certified IRA Services Professional (CISP)?

An individual retirement account (IRA) can be the foundation of a great retirement plan. However, it takes a skilled financial planner to match a client up with the right IRA for their retirement. The Certified IRA... More>>

Bridging Loan: How Does Bridging Finance Work?

Originally posted on   This guide will show you exactly what a bridging loan is. Including how you can use it when buying and selling a property, and 3 new bridging... More>>

An Analysis of the NTSB’s Preliminary Report on the CONCEPTION Tragedy

Originally posted on   This morning, September 12, 2019, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) issued its... More>>

Debt Settlement: Your Complete Guide and How it Works

Originally posted on   Here is the complete guide to debt settlement. The average American has $38,000 in debt. Not only does debt... More>>

What Earnings-Per-Share (EPS) Tells Investors

Earnings per share (EPS) is a financial measurement that tells investors if a company is profitable. Savvy investors consider a company’s earnings per share when determining investment decisions. Understanding the... More>>

Certificate in Investment Performance Measurement (CIPM)

An investment’s performance could mean the difference between a comfortable retirement and a few more years of work. Therefore, it’s vital for financial planners and investment managers to accurately assess... More>>

Series 6: Definition and Exam Information

There’s no shortage of required licensing exams for financial professionals. From the Series 63 and Series 65 to Series 7, there are many different exams required for various roles within the financial services... More>>

Infidelity Investigations in Los Angeles

Originally posted on Infidelity Investigations in Los Angeles is one of the most requested private investigative services in LA. The action of being... More>>

How to Clean Vinyl Floors – Bathroom Cleaning Services Springfield MO

Originally posted on   Vinyl is a very popular flooring choice for kitchens and bathrooms because it’s durable,... More>>

Connect, Calibrate and Coach: A Simple Formula for Great 1on1s

Originally posted on   If you lead a team, coaching people and giving regular feedback — positive and constructive — is part of the job. Prioritizing... More>>

Personal Bodyguard Services You Can Trust

Originally posted on   PERSONAL BODYGUARD SERVICES: KNOW YOUR BODYGUARD’S CREDENTIALS Researching personal bodyguard services can be overwhelming. We... More>>

Can You Depend On Your Bodyguard?

Originally posted on   Have you wondered whether your Bodyguard would take a bullet meant for you? For the most part, no one can foresee the future or predict how... More>>

Marketing Rant – I Call BS

Originally posted on   I’m going on a marketing rant today and I call BS Like all successful business people, I study everyone in my industry. And I watch the... More>>

Should I hire a Public Adjuster?

Originally posted on Why Policyholders Should Hire A Public Adjuster Homeowners should obtain the services of public adjusters for several reasons. The larger... More>>

Growing Your Business By Targeting Your Smallest Viable Audience

Originally posted on   Business isn’t the same as it was 10 years ago. The internet changed the world in ways... More>>

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: 7 Ways to Show You’re a Loaded Bachelor

If you aren’t sure how to look rich, that could be a problem when you’re trying to pick up the ladies. If you don’t learn how to show that you’re rich, you might miss out on some of the hottest girls... More>>

Explaining the Different Types of Annuities

Those nearing retirement age may be looking to supplement their income. If they’ve already maxed out their other retirement savings accounts, like their 401(k) or IRA, then an annuity might help. Annuities come in... More>>

Anchor Text Ratios & Best Practices For Faster Rankings

Originally posted on   For the last 5 years there has been a common practice among SEOs both established and new, it’s what I call the shotgun approach to link... More>>

Fix and Flip 101: The Top Tips for Fix and Flip Loan Borrowers

Originally posted on     Originally posted on YouTube by Orchard Funding Are you looking to take out a fix and flip loan?... More>>

5 Brilliant Tips on How to Survive Bankruptcy You Need to Know

Originally posted on   No one wants to file for bankruptcy. But the financial relief may be worth it. Discover five smart tips... More>>

3 Ways to Create an Immersive Experience with Your Digital Marketing

Originally posted on   By 2021, spending on digital marketing in the U.S. is predicted to reach almost $120 billion.... More>>

The Conception Dive Boat Lawsuit – What You Need to Know about Truth Aquatics Legal Filing to Limit Their Liability

Originally posted on   Any claims that are not filed appropriately within the... More>>

Predicting the Future Impact of AI on Data and How to Respond to It

Originally posted on   With VCs ready to dump $10 billion into AI startups in the coming year, it’s clear that this work is taking the world by storm. With... More>>

The Top 10 Types of Data Visualization Made Simple

Originally posted on   Research shows that we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every single day. What types of data visualization do you use to... More>>

How to Choose the Right Bulk SMS Provider for You

Originally posted on   Ok, so you’re sold. You know you want to make bulk SMS marketing a part of your business strategy.... More>>

7 Ways The SECURE Act Might Affect Your Retirement Plan

Originally posted on   The financial industry is constantly evolving and changing. This past May, Congress passed the Setting... More>>

How to sell your home when you owe more then it’s worth

Originally posted on   Purchasing a home is usually a good long term investment because a property has the advantage of... More>>

Michael del Vecchio offers tips for financing a small business’s growth

Originally posted on   Is it an opportunity to go out on the town to shop for a major purchase... More>>

Series 65: Definition and Exam Information

The Series 65, also known as the Uniform Investment Adviser Law Examination, is a test and license required of most financial professionals. If you’re interested in becoming a financial professional, it’s just... More>>

How to Roll Over a Roth 401(k) to a Roth IRA

Saving through a Roth 401(k) can help you grow a nest egg that you can then tap into in retirement without having to pay taxes. If you leave your job or you’re ready to retire, you may be wondering what …... More>>

How After-Market Trading Works (and How to Do It)

You might assume that once the closing bell rings, stock market trading is done for the day. In reality, after-market trading can continue on into the late afternoon and evening. Not every brokerage allows for after-market... More>>

Salesperson Skills Of Top Performers [INFOGRAPHIC]

Originally posted on Learn which eight sales associate skills you’ll need to empower yourself or your sales representatives to become top... More>>

Breaking down the Entrepreneurial Brick Wall

Originally posted on   If you are considering saying goodbye to your full time job, excellent career prospects, decent wage, and office colleagues,... More>>

The Hidden Value of Specializing in Unique Projects as an Entrepreneur

Originally posted on   You know the businesses that you see always getting the limelight, they’re the type that... More>>

Intruders Beware: How to Prevent Burglary at Your Business

Originally posted on   With all the blood, sweat, tears and, of course, money, that goes into starting and maintaining a... More>>

The 20 Best Learning Management Systems (2019 Update)

Originally posted on There are tons of things to consider when it comes to opting for the right Learning Management System. Need help finding the right... More>>

What Does a Certified Risk Manager (CRM) Do?

Certified Risk Managers (CRMs) are financial professionals with training in risk management, which comes in handy when helping clients chart a financial future. The CRM designation is one of the most important designations... More>>

Nickel the Gold of 2019 & 2020

Originally posted on   Nickel is the best-performing base metal this year amid falling stockpiles and the looming Indonesian supply embargo. ... More>>

Accredited Asset Management Specialist (AAMS)

New financial advisors need something to help them stand out. Consequently, the AAMS does just that. Designed for newcomers to the financial advice business, the AAMS trains advisors to identify investment opportunities as... More>>

What Does A Financial Risk Manager Do?

Your friend wants to borrow $20, so you take a minute to think about it. What happened the last time he borrowed money from you? You might see that 20 bucks again, but even odds say you don’t. So you … Continue... More>>

What Is a Single Premium Immediate Annuity (SPIA)?

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just getting your feet wet, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard of an annuity. This financial product doles out regular payments for a set amount of time to purchasers who... More>>

How Does a Rights Offering Work?

You may be well-versed in the differences between stocks and bonds or how exchange-traded funds (ETFs) work, but a rights offering is one investing term you may not be as familiar with. A rights offering allows a... More>>

What Does a Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) Do?

Almost no one will know what it means if your business card has a “CPCU” after your name. The “almost” is key here though. Almost no one will understand what CPCU means, but your colleagues will. Future employers will.... More>>

What Does A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Do?

Whether you keep the books at a small office or review files for the IRS, accounting is a wide field with many professions in it. At the top of this field sits the CPA. Certified Public Accountants are accounting... More>>

What Does a Last Will and Testament Actually Do?

Creating a last will and testament is a common way to share your wishes for how you want your assets and affairs handled after you die. While it’s easy to proclaim that everyone should have a will, first we should …... More>>

What Is a Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC)?

The Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) designation conveys an insurance professional’s expertise in one of seven different insurance topic areas. It’s a valuable certification if you are an agent, sales... More>>

How to Read a Pay Stub: Understanding Your Paycheck on Payday

Did you know that more than 50% of workers have had a mistake on their paycheck at some point in their lives? This is why it’s important to know how to read your paycheck. How can you know if everything is correct if... More>>

Best Cities for Women’s Pay – 2019 Edition

The pay gap remains a very real struggle for women around the U.S. The latest number from the American Association of University Women estimates that, on average, women earn around 80% of what their male counterparts earn... More>>

How Checks Affect Your Credit Score

Can your checking account affect your credit score? It's possible, but only in certain circumstances that you should avoid. Your credit score is calculated using information from your credit report, which is a history... More>>

Pooled Investment Vehicles: Definition and Types

A pooled investment vehicle is one way to put your money into the stock market alongside other investors. There are several ways to pool money to invest if you’re looking for an alternative to trading individual... More>>

Small Cap Stocks: Definition and Pros & Cons

Small cap stocks are one type of stock investment you can hold in your portfolio. These stocks differ from large cap and mid cap stocks in several key ways. There are several advantages associated with investing in smaller... More>>

What Is a Personal Financial Specialist (PFS)?

The Personal Financial Specialist (PFS) certification helps Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) demonstrate an expertise in all aspects of wealth management. A PFS is someone with a CPA who also offers financial planning... More>>

5 Interesting Advantages Of Investing In A Townhouse vs House

39% of real estate investors plan to buy more investment properties in the future. What is the better investment? Townhouse vs single-family home? Is owning one or the other more profitable? Is buying a townhouse vs house... More>>

What Kind of Boat Should I Buy? A Buying Guide for Beginners

Recreational boating is riding a wave of popularity. Over 87 million adults in the U.S. participate in some boating activity, whether for fishing, travel, or fun. An astounding 11.87 million boats were registered in the... More>>

Getting Paid for Your Pain: 5 Top Tips from Personal Injury Compensation Lawyers

When you’ve experienced a personal injury, the first thing on your mind (other than pain) may be compensation. Approximately 95 percent of cases are settled pretrial, but injured people seeking a settlement... More>>

10 Creative Ways You Can Cut Your College Textbook Costs

Everybody knows it: a college education in the United States doesn’t come cheap. Heading to college? Expect to pay a minimum of around $20,000 (for in-state public schools). Of course, that’s a huge amount of... More>>

Series 63: Definition and Exam Information

Thinking of becoming a licensed financial professional? You’ll likely have to take one – or several – licensing exams. The Series 63 exam focuses on a financial professional’s ethical and fiduciary... More>>

Here’s How Long to Keep Pay Stubs and Why You Should Be Keeping Them

Did you know that only 40% of Americans are able to locate important financial paperwork at a moment’s notice? And while this may seem like a low percentage, it encourages you to think about the importance of saving... More>>

5 Interesting Advantages Of Investing In A Townhouse vs House

39% of real estate investors plan to buy more investment properties in the future. What is the better investment? Townhouse vs single-family home? Is owning one or the other more profitable? Is buying a townhouse vs house... More>>

What Are the Community Property States?

Living in a community property state may not make a difference to you if you’re single, but it might if you’re married or planning to be soon. Community property states handle the division of assets and debts... More>>

An Investor’s Guide to Risk Tolerance

When it comes to investing, the higher the risk the better the reward. But what if you don’t know what your risk level is? Your risk tolerance is the level of risk you’re willing to take with your investments. You can... More>>

Twilio Stock Forecast

Originally posted on Twilio Stock Forecast: Advances in technology have changed consumer expectations, and traditional customer service methods simply aren’t... More>>

CRISPR Therapeutics Stock Forecast

Originally posted on CRISPR Stock Forecast: Genome editing has passed from science fiction to science fact. While the technology is very much still in... More>>

Cleveland-Cliffs Stock Forecast

Originally posted on Cleveland Cliffs Stock Forecast: Investing in iron ore mining is unique because the iron ore trades differently than other... More>>

How To Save Money On Your Commercial Auto Insurance

Originally posted on   Running a business comes with costs, which can affect your overall profit. Cutting some of these costs... More>>

3 Reasons Why SEO MUST Be the Main Focus

Originally posted on SEO strategy is a vital piece of any marketing strategy, but few people understand just how important it really is. If... More>>

Complete Guide To Programmatic Advertising

Originally posted on   What is programmatic advertising? Programmatic ad-buying typically refers to the use of software to purchase digital advertising. The old way... More>>

The Benefits of Investing in Both Programmatic Display Marketing and SEO

Originally posted on   Every advertising approach needs balance. Click here to learn how your business can benefit from... More>>

What is Programmatic Radio

Originally posted on   What is Programmatic Radio In 2014 programmatic radio had its opening act commence. The idea behind programmatic radio was just simply to... More>>

Modernize Your Marketing: 8 Clever Over-The-Top (Ott) Advertising Strategies

Originally posted on   Are you ready to move your marketing approach to the digital age? Here are 8 over-the-top (OTT)... More>>

What Assets Are Considered Investable Assets?

Your net worth may be a good way to determine how much value you hold, but investable assets might be a better measure. And if you’re considering working with a financial advisor, it’s smart to know what your... More>>

What Does a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) Do?

A Certified Management Accountant is an accounting professional specializing in financial management and reporting for organizations. The CMA certification establishes that someone is expert in financial accounting and... More>>

Fixed Indexed Annuities: Pros and Cons

Looking for a long-term, relatively risk-free savings option? Then you might consider a fixed indexed annuity. This is a financial instrument that provides investors with a guaranteed interest rate over a set amount of... More>>

What Is a Certified Employee Benefits Specialist (CEBS)?

How do businesses and employees learn to trust the person running their retirement plan? Having a specialized certification from one of the top business schools in the nation doesn’t hurt. A CEBS not only gets to... More>>

What Is A Chartered Financial Consultant?

Financial advice comes, mostly, in a sea of acronyms. There is the CPA (Certified Public Accountant), the CFP (Certified Financial Planner), the CIMA (Certified Investment Management Analyst) and more. Each certification... More>>

Criminal Probes and Boat Accidents – What Does it Mean?

Originally posted on What happens when a criminal probe is launched into a boat accident, and what does it mean for you if you were injured in that... More>>

What is a Limitation of Liability Act filing?

Originally posted on   Recently, the Owners of the dive boat CONCEPTION filed what is known as a Limitation of Liability Act lawsuit as a result of a... More>>

Stitch Fix Stock Forecast

Originally posted on The market for apparel, accessories, and footwear is significant. As of the end of 2018, it measured $431 billion globally and it is... More>>

Arlo Technologies Stock Forecast

Originally posted on Arlo Stock Forecast: The Internet of Things (IoT) has gone from being a tech buzzword to a full-fledged phenomenon. According to... More>>

Content Development for 2020: Why You Need to Start Planning Now

Originally posted on   More content is being pushed online than ever before. Competition grows tighter, digital consumers are savvier, and Google’s algorithms... More>>

What Is a Collective Investment Trust?

Most investors are familiar with mutual funds and retirement savings vehicles like 401(k)s. But a collective investment trust (CIT) combines some of the characteristics of both. While CITs are similar to mutual funds,... More>>

Cities With The Lowest Startup Costs – 2019 Edition

More and more people are getting into the business world through their own startups. Many of the companies you interact with on an everyday basis – Uber, Airbnb, even Apple – began as startups, often with just... More>>

Where Seniors Are Staying in the Workforce – 2019 Edition

Whether working through your retirement years is an aspiration or a necessity, it doesn’t hurt to have some help with financial planning when considering that aspect of your future. As you set your goals, you might be... More>>

5 Questions to Ask When Your Credit Score Drops

You're ready to take out a loan, only to realize that your credit score actually dropped since you last checked it. With a low credit score, you'll be paying higher interest rates than you expected – and you may not... More>>

Determining Worth: Methods for Accurate Commercial Real Estate Valuation

Originally posted on   Commercial real estate can be an unforgiving industry. In 2016 alone, a study... More>>

Ensuring a Sale: Benefits of Working with a Commercial Real Estate Agent

Originally posted on$6 trillion — that’s how much the commercial real estate (CRE) in the United... More>>

What Constitutes a Breach of Fiduciary Duty?

When working with a financial advisor to manage your money, it’s important to know whether they’re required to uphold a fiduciary duty to their clients. Being a fiduciary means advisors are obligated to act in... More>>

Artful Manipulation to Steal Your Company’s Money | Bank Fraud

Originally posted on   A story of a bank fraud private investigation, authored By Robert Mann, Director of Worldwide Intelligence Network. Worldwide... More>>

Don’t Think You Need Personal Security? Think Again

Originally posted on   Bodyguards as personal security aren’t just for celebrities to keep the paparazzi away or to protect them from overzealous fans.... More>>

Why You Should Leave Investigating up to the Private Investigating Professionals

Originally posted on   Private Investigating Professionals are here to help It’s understandable how some people rationalize that they... More>>

Stacking It Right: 5 Best Practices for Warehouse Pallet Racking

Originally posted on   When it comes to your warehouse, optimizing available square footage is key. This... More>>

27 Pay Per Click Advertising Company Tips Guaranteed To Increase Your ROI By 200 – 500%

Originally posted on   We all know that paid search remains the best channel to target lower funnel searchers and people in the... More>>

21 Event Planning Marketing Conferences You Should Plan To Attend

Originally posted on   There is no doubt that there are a thousand details that go into a successful event. If you’re... More>>

Petrol Vs Electric Chainsaws: Which Should You Choose?

Originally posted on   As a professional tradie, you know the golden rule: Bad equipment equals bad results. As you evaluate your business needs for... More>>

Over a Third of British Don’t Track their Mobile Spending

Originally posted on   A new survey from the phone insurance provider Loveit Coverit found that over a third of people in the UK do not... More>>

Guide to Insurance for Modified Cars in the UK

Originally posted on   Car insurance seems like it is always too costly and too complicated, but if you are looking to get into car... More>>

Listing an Airbnb in the UK: What You Should Know

Originally posted on   Using Airbnb to book holiday accomadation is as popular as ever.   There are currently 25,000... More>>

Things you Should Consider Before Renting your Property on Airbnb in the UK

Originally posted on   Registering your property out an Airbnb is pretty easy, but the registration process... More>>

Modified Car Insurance in the UK: A Guide

Originally posted on   Thinking about getting into car modifications? You probably already know that the world of customizing your car is... More>>

Your Guide to Modified Car Insurance in the UK

Originally posted on   Car insurance is always complicated and quite frankly annoying, but it if you are modifying your car, it... More>>

ING Home Loan Review

Originally posted on ING, also known as ING Direct is a bit different from some of the other banks we have reviewed because (in Australia) they are mostly an online... More>>

Guide For Heart-touching Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Originally posted on   A wedding anniversary is a beautiful reminder of the journey two people started together and how they have stayed together through... More>>

The Sales Process – A Step By Step Guide

Originally posted on   Over the years, I’ve trained thousands of Sales Professionals and Business Owners, and I often find the same thing... More>>

What Is Consultative Selling – And Should You Be Using It?

Originally posted on   A common question Sales Professionals and Business Owners have, is what is consultative selling; and... More>>

Easy Ways to Make Your Small Business Grow

Originally posted on   If you own a small business then you will know how frustrating it can be to watch it stall. You probably feel as... More>>

A Guide to Drip Marketing and the Tools You Need to Succeed

Originally posted on   Maybe you’ve heard the term ‘drip marketing’ before; it isn’t a new idea. Drip marketing has been around for quite some time, but... More>>

Top 10 Benefits Of Automated Sales Calls For Estate Agents

Originally posted on   When you work within a real estate business, as your business grows, it might become... More>>

Secrets to making money buying and selling online

Originally posted on   Want to earn money buying and selling online? Find out the secrets to becoming a successful resaler,... More>>

3 Ways Amazon is Disrupting Multifamily Real Estate

Originally posted on   Amazon is directly disrupting every industry they can get their hands on, including multifamily real estate. At... More>>

How Top Property Managers Can Handle (and Profit from) Short-Term Rentals

Originally posted on   While legislature is fighting Airbnbs through zoning laws, enforcement remains low. In... More>>

How Brits are switching energy to save costs

Originally posted on   Innovations in both energy markets and the way consumers throughout the world engage with energy suppliers... More>>

DIY SEO: A Complete Guide for Business Owners

Originally posted on   When your budget doesn’t allow you to hire a freelancer or an agency to help your business with SEO, doing it yourself might be your only... More>>

7 Types of Businesses That Benefit from Smart Safes

Originally posted on   From national restaurant chains to large-scale entertainment venues, the business case for smart safes is... More>>

Secure Your Retailer Future Through Cash-Handling Efficiency

Originally posted on   Electronic payments are gaining steam, but cash remains essential to day-to-day retail... More>>

10 Hidden Menaces to Your FICO Credit Score

Originally posted on   Maintaining a good FICO credit score is important for expanding lines of credit, getting new loans, and even renting... More>>

3 Reasons Why You Should Sell Your House Privately

Originally posted on   Most people associate selling a home with the process of listing it with a realtor, showing it to prospective... More>>

How a Separately Managed Account (SMA) Works

When you begin building your investment portfolio, you may start with a mix of exchange-traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds and other investments. But once your nest egg grows, you may be looking for a more personalized... More>>

Je Vous Adore! This is How To Make Your Customers Adore You!

Originally posted on   Love! It’s certainly a strong word, especially when it comes to describing the... More>>

The Fastest-Growing Jobs for Young Professionals in America – 2019 Edition

In 2014, there were almost 32 million workers in the U.S. between the ages of 25 and 34, and over five years, this number rose to more than 35 million, an increase of about 10%. Of those 35 million, about … Continue... More>>

Booth Setup Tips For Your Next and Future Trade Shows: Be Quick and Efficient!

Originally posted on   So, your company is committed to participating in a trade show. Maybe this is your first... More>>

How Much Have You Spent on Amazon? Analyzing Amazon Data

Originally posted on How much money have I spent on Amazon? — That’s a question that will interest, and possibly terrify, longtime customers of... More>>

Large Cap Stocks: Definition and Pros & Cons

Large cap stocks are just one type of stock to add to your portfolio. They are the stocks of vary large companies and are often considered safer investments. Like other investments, though, they have both advantages and... More>>

What Does A Family Office Do?

If you’re in a position to need this article, congratulations. We’ll try to contact Lamborghini to target you with banner ads. If you’re not, but have decided to read this article anyway, welcome to the 99.98%. Don’t... More>>

What Are the Different Types of Government Securities?

Government securities refer to a variety of investment vehicles issued by a government. You may be familiar with treasury bills, bonds or notes, but you may not be aware that other countries issue debt to investors as... More>>

Shipping Savings: How to Save Money on Freight Costs

Dealing with shipping is sort of like the issue of roughage in everyone’s diet. No one either wants to or feels like talking about it, but we all have to deal with it. Shipping happens to be one of the issues... More>>

Short-Term Disability Insurance: What Is It and What Does It Cover?

Every year, an average of 5.6 percent of American workers will experience some kind of short-term disability. Are you currently dealing with a short-term disability right now? Whether it’s due to pregnancy, an... More>>

States That Would Benefit the Most from Healthcare Reform

In 2017, the U.S. spent $3.50 trillion – more than $10,000 per person – on healthcare, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). As a percentage of U.S. GDP, healthcare made... More>>

Pros And Cons Of Paying Off Loans Early

It's always best to pay off a loan as soon as you can, isn't it? Not necessarily. There are several reasons you may not want to pay off your loan early, including the effects on your credit score. The obvious reason... More>>

What Is An Accredited Investment Fiduciary?

Here’s the situation: You would like to invest your savings or retirement account. Not wanting to trust your money to eTrade and luck, you hire an investment advisor who steers your money into mutual funds. Did this... More>>

Sprinkler Pump Maintenance

Originally posted on   We demand a lot out of pumps. In addition to the immense pressure under which they operate, there are external environmental factors like... More>>

What It Means for an Advisor to Be CEFEX-Certified

Choosing a financial advisor isn’t easy. You’ll need to determine if you need an in-person financial advisor or a robo-advisor. Then you’ll choose a firm. It may be one close to home, with a certain area of expertise, or... More>>

How the Future Value of an Investment is Calculated

There is always risk associated with investing. Sure, you can diversify your portfolio or hedge against risk by purchasing low-risk securities such as bonds, money market funds, or certificates of deposit. You can also... More>>

What Is a Closed-End Fund and How Do You Invest?

Closed-end funds may not be something you’ve heard mentioned often. Your investment portfolio is more likely to include open-end funds, mutual funds or exchange-traded funds (ETFs) instead. However, closed-end funds... More>>

What Is Over-the-Counter (OTC) Stock Trading?

Securities that trade “over-the-counter,” or OTC, are not traded on a formal exchange. While the biggest publicly traded companies trade on stock exchanges like the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) or NASDAQ,... More>>

What Is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)?

Chartered financial analyst (CFA) is a designation bestowed by the CFA Institute on financial professionals who are competent and knowledgeable financial analysts. Those who want to earn their CFA certification must first... More>>

Open-End Funds vs. Closed-End Funds: A Guide

Mutual funds can be a good way to invest if you want to diversify your portfolio without buying individual stocks or bonds. Aside from knowing which share class you’re investing in, you also need to know whether... More>>

How to Create a Living Trust in Minnesota

Estate planning is a key part of ensuring that your assets are properly distributed after you’ve died. One of the many estate planning options available is to create a living trust in which you can put your assets... More>>

Debt Settlement: Your Complete Guide

Originally posted on   The average American has $38,000 in debt. Not only does debt make it harder to obtain a mortgage or buy a car,... More>>

New Beginnings: How to Revamp Your Brand

Originally posted on   When you first started your company, you were thrilled by the amount of attention you got and the number of sales you made. ... More>>

What the Current Yield of a Bond Tells You

Bonds can help the federal government or other agencies raise money for specific projects. They’re like loans that investors make to government agencies or corporations. A bond’s face value will give an... More>>

Avoid These Risks When Hiring a Contract Recruiter

Originally posted on   When recruiting needs to be ramped up, companies will often add contract recruiters to the talent... More>>

Asset-Backed Securities: Definition and How to Invest

Asset-backed securities, or ABS, are securities backed by a pool of fundamental assets. Typically, the pool of assets is a small group of loans or debt obligations that cannot be sold to individual investors. Packaging... More>>

Online Flower Shop: Affordable Bouquet Delivery

Originally posted on   Flowers have been considered as a symbol of love, respect, and peace. Organized in a decorative bunch, the flower bouquet is... More>>

Family Law Mediation

Originally posted on   Why choose Mediation? Family Law Mediation is a structured negotiation process where you and the other party come to the table to resolve and... More>>

From College To Career: A Step Towards Adult Life

Originally posted on   Stepping out of college is one of the most surreal feelings in the world. You’re finally out of the grasps... More>>

3 Ways To Improve Employee Retention And Save Yourself Money

Originally posted on   Employee turnover is a big problem for businesses and it can cost you a lot of money. If your... More>>

Will Walmart’s New Ammo Policy Hurt Their Profits?

Originally posted on   With an ever-increasing pressure from, Walmart has decided to stop the sale of ammunition. For a while now, the retail giant... More>>

What Are Advisor Shares and Who Gets Them?

Advisory shares are a type of stock option given to company advisors rather than employees. They may be issued to startup company advisors in lieu of cash compensation. Advisors are usually granted options to buy shares... More>>

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    Survey: Nearly 2 In 3 Have Lost Or Had Stolen Their Wallet

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    Have you ever experienced that sinking feeling when you reach in your pants or purse for your wallet, and it's gone? You're not alone. According to an exclusive MoneyTips survey, 62% of respondents have had their...
  • Best States to Die In... For Taxes

    Best States to Die In... For Taxes

    Does your ability to pass on your wealth to your heirs depend on where you live ... and die? Indeed, it does. Federal estate taxes apply no matter where you live within the U.S., but eighteen states subject their...
    Does your ability to pass on your wealth to your heirs depend on where you live ... and die? Indeed, it does. Federal estate taxes apply no matter where you live within the U.S., but eighteen states subject their citizens to...
  • Proposed Law Stops Auto Insurers Using Credit Scores To Set Rates

    Proposed Law Stops Auto Insurers Using Credit Scores To Set Rates

    Another Use for Your Credit Score You probably know that your credit score affects the interest rates you'll pay for credit cards and loans. Did you know that your credit score could also affect your auto...
    Another Use for Your Credit Score You probably know that your credit score affects the interest rates you'll pay for credit cards and loans. Did you know that your credit score could also affect your auto insurance...
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